Argentina, possibly the selection with the strongest attack

Argentina, possibly the selection with the strongest attack

If one sentence could summarize the Argentina that we can find in Brazil it is not be other than the following: great attack, Regular center of the field and poor defense. It may sound exaggerated but this essentially sums up what the Albiceleste have now at hand. In the above, nobody seems to overshadow. Messi, Omen, Rodrigo Palacio, Higuain are players able to be pichichis in a championship of the world with ease. And above, we do not have Tevez, to which Sabella seems to give many chances to enter the final list.

In the middle, The change things. Is Di Maria, Mascherano also, Maxi, Gago but that Argentina no longer so scary. Touch slow in the middle and some more speed on the wings. The problem will be how far these midfielders can generate enough game for above.

The big problem comes however on the defensive. The weakest by far. Otamendi, Zabaleta, Federico Fernández are good players but maybe not to the level that should be required a champion of the world in power. In goal, Romero seems to point to headline in a call where the presence is not expected either Willy Caballero, one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Of course Crumble the strengths and weaknesses of Argentina requires going a little further. Why are you, will be based largely on what you want Messi. The best player of the moment, with permission from Ronaldo, Brazil has one of its great opportunities to be crowned as one of the best of all time. In his boots he is wondering if his season has been designed by and for the World or whether there started a gradual and worrying decline in its performance. Their performance, It depends on whether we talk about a three-time champion Argentina or another failure of the albiceleste.

Someone gives more. Argentina has a spectacular attack.
Someone gives more. Argentina has a spectacular attack.


  • The best strikers in the world. Rarely a selection can boast of having Agüero, Messi, Higuaín, Rodrigo Palacio or leave out Carlos Tevez. Argentina does and this ensures that Brazil will be hard not to see him scoring goals with ease.
  • Messi factor. We are talking about a number 1, a man who not only wins games but tournaments. Who knows if he is able to emulate Maradona and enshrined in the Olympus of soccer as did Diego.
  • Easy box. Argentina may have a reasonably comfortable way to the semifinals where he would address most likely Spain. forecasts are not usually met, but it is always better to have a favorable draw that against.

Weak points:

  • The defense. Definitely, more fragile line, The weak point. If you dominate Argentina may have serious trouble getting ahead parties.
  • Lack of creation. Meter both and front as well has a paste. The center of the field resents. Sabella will play a 4-3-3 that will leave the line flyers somewhat undefended and processing problems. Learn to take the initiative will be a challenge for Argentina.




Sabella will seek the third World Cup in Argentina.
Sabella will seek the third World Cup in Argentina.

Alejandro Sabella will be responsible for leading the always complicated selection Argentina. Full of Talent, Sabella has already had the first problems. But dealing with Messi, Tévez explain absences or Knight are some of their technical problems in 30 games with the albiceleste has only scored two defeats, two against Brazil in the Classic of the Americas.

Strong personality, He tries to finally give his country the third degree through good play and goals. Most difficult thing when all the press and all fans will be waiting for you to carry it wrong. And in Argentina at the same happens in Spain or Brazil, each follower has inside a selector.


– Twice champion of the world (1978 Y 1986)

– 14 Cups of America.

– 2 Olympic oros.

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  1. Incomprehensible that Mr Willy Caballero is not the holder of the albiceleste.

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