Brazil 2014, the last of many legends

Brazil 2014, the last of many legends

Brazil's World Cup 2014 It was undoubtedly the tournament of revelations but also the last for many of the best players in the world of the last decade. Practically, all the great selections, they say goodbye to some of their great banners of recent times. Today Colgados for football, we tell you the football legends who have played their last World Cup.

1-Xavi, Casillas, Villa, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres

Spain is the selection that more legends dismisses in this World Cup in Brazil 2014. the end of the cycle of the golden age of Spanish football leaves 2 Euro Cups and a World Cup in just 6 years, Much of the credit is due to these players who will not play a big date with Spain again, by age and progression. Casillas, Villa and Xabi Alonso will have 37 years in the next World Cup, Xavi with 38 years and Fernando Torres with 34 years. The first four leave the selection, some of them even first level football, while Torres seems to be in frank decline.

2-Gianluigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo

Buffon and Pirlo are not only two of the best Italian players in history but also two of the best in the world.. The Juventus and Italian national team goalkeeper has been present in the last five World Cups while his teammate and national team has played the last three. Buffon who has disputed the title of best goalkeeper in the world during the last decade with the Spanish Iker Casillas, has 36 years so in Russia 2018, will have reached the 40, while Andrea Pirlo from 35, will reach 39 in the next world cup. The talented Italian ball wizard, announced that he is leaving the national team so Brazil 2014 It was his last World Cup event.

Buffon and Pirlo said goodbye to the World Cups in Brazil 2014.
Buffon and Pirlo said goodbye to the World Cups in Brazil 2014.

3-Frank Lampard y Steven Gerrard

Lampard and Gerrard are two of the best players that English football has given in recent 20 years, despite not having achieved anything, played together with England in the three World Cups they have played, their separate careers have been full of great successes, being considered two of the best European midfielders of the last 10 years. Lampard child 36 will have 40 years in Russia 2018, while Gerrard will have reached the 38. Both have said goodbye to the Three Lions shirt falling in the first round of Brazil 2014.

4-Miroslav Klose, Diego Forlán and Frank Ribery

A German, a Uruguayan and a French, This is not a typical Spanish joke but rather three of the best attackers in recent years. Klose is together with Ronaldo the top scorer in the history of the World Cup. With 36 years it seems that Brazil 2014 where he dialed again, it was your last date. The Uruguayan Diego Forlán arrived in Brazil already with a secondary role from the undemanding Japanese football. His performance in Brazil has been discreet and with 35 years has played his last big date. Frank Ribery was left off the list at the last minute due to an injury. Ballon d'Or nominee 2013 for an extraordinary season, 2014 this is not being the best year for him. With 31 years, It does not seem that in four when I have fulfilled 35 , is going to be on the list of a team as demanding as France.

Diego Forlán says goodbye to a World Cup in Brazil 2014.

5- Rafa Márquez and Samuel Eto’o

The Mexican Kaiser was retired from elite football and the Mexican national team when a terrible qualifying round in the CONCACAF zone ,was about to leave Mexico out of the World Cup in Brazil 2014, at that time Victor Manuel Vucetich, second of the three technicians that Mexico had during the Hexagonal, pulled him. 35 years, he returned to direct the Mexican defense and reached his fourth world championship with Mexico. In Brazil 2014, reached several historical milestones since with 15, He became the Mexican player with the most matches in the history of the World Cups in addition, with his goal against Croatia,went down in history as the only defender to score in three consecutive World Cups. With 39 years does not seem that it will be in Russia 2018.

Samuel Eto’o has played 4 with Cameroon in which it has never passed the first phase, However, he is one of the great forwards of the last 10-12 years, besides being one of the best African players in history. their 33 years Brazil 2014 It certainly seems to have been the last date of the great Cameroonian striker.

samuel Eto'o, another illustrious whose history with the World Cups is ending.
samuel Eto'o, another illustrious whose history with the World Cups is ending.

Not only will these players be the only legends who will certainly not be in Russia. 2018. Players like Swede Ibrahimovic absent in Brazil 2014 nor does it seem that he will be present with 37 years in Russia 2018, while players like Cristiano Ronaldo from 29 years or Andrés Iniesta of 30 they are serious doubts. As always time will tell and we hope to be able to tell about it in Colgados for football.


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