South Korea, supporting actors, but important in the last World

South Korea, supporting actors, but important in the last World

Since the beginning of the era of modern football, this Asian team is one team that is always in the final phase of the World. Never missed an appointment from México'86 and Brazil will be its eighth consecutive participation. Seems unattainable match past successes as the semifinals reached in fantastic that year 2002, where they played hosts with Japan. But ambition and enthusiasm does not lack a generation of footballers in which only one exceeds thirty. A young team with outstanding players contesting up to nine European leagues.

Lately they were used to qualify without too many problems, instead, this time it was not a bed of roses. Iran's always uncomfortable traveling companion, and internal problems meant they were about to miss his finals. Only goal difference with Uzbekistan tipped the balance in favor of Korean. A balance igualadísima, in which a valuable goal difference gave them a direct ticket to Brazil.

His own irregularity, the continuous changes in the system eleven occurred in the last three years that do not reach glimpse at its best. However, Brazil will meet its first anniversary as coach of the team a myth in South Korea. Hong Myung-Bo, possibly more than the great glory of Korean football.

Korea was a semifinalist in 2002.
Korea was a semifinalist in 2002.


  • His work philosophy: lifestyle in the countries of the East does not resemble anything like the Western, let alone the Mediterranean style or even Latin. He knows his job quest, They live for work and they devote most of his life. Represent their country and defend the colors of the flag is its particular mission, so, undoubtedly the skin over the left field during their sleep.
  • The Hong Myung-bo effect: The young Korean coach is the largest representation of the footballing success in his country. He was responsible for transforming the decisive penalty against Spain on that fateful penalty shoot Korea and Japan '02. A maximum penalty that made him touch the sky with your fingers and classifying them to semifinals. It is also worth mentioning that it was the outstanding player of his team throughout the tournament.
  • youth: The final list of men who held the world is made mostly by young footballer of up to nine operating in Europe. With a very early Middle Ages one of these players won the bronze medal at the last Olympics.
Korea has sometimes been hard game.
Korea has sometimes been hard game.

Weak points:

  • Internal instability: Four years have passed since falling in the second round of Sudafrica'10 and three coaches have passed through the bench. different philosophies, changes in the game system, different players and various attitudes and mentalities that general rule destabilize the group and create individual insecurities.
  • its irregularity: Their lack of confidence and perseverance he nearly cost them an upset. A lone goal meant the difference between direct ticket to the World Cup or life or death play-off against Jordan.
  • Little smell scorer: The coach Hong Myung-bo has finally opted for the front of the Watford, Park Chu young. Despite having suffered several injuries all year forward former Celta Vigo accumulates 24 goals in 62 appearances for his country. He and Lee Keun-ho will be in charge of materializing the few occasions do. It seems too little offensive power of Koreans.




Difficult task to coach Korea.
Difficult task to coach Korea.

Hong Myung-bo in Brazil will be a year in office as South Korean coach. I took over the team after a period of clear instability on the bench. After the passage of Cho Kwang-Rae and Choi Kang-Hee for office, it seems that finally Hong Myung-bo has settled and the Tigers of Asia, despite his inexperience, They found in her figure what they needed before facing the global showpiece.

As a player he defended up to 136 Sometimes the elastic of his country scoring 9 goals. He acted as libero and enjoyed a great tactical sense. After retiring in Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS, devoted body and soul to the lower echelons of your country. Within the coaching staff of the federation was an assistant in the absolute, U20 and U23 before becoming absolute coach. I enjoy a great sporting fame in his country after what has been achieved in the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002.


– Fourth in the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002.

– Two Asian Cups. (1956 Y 1960)

– Dynasty Cup 1990

– Two football championships East Asia. (2003 Y 2008)

– Bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

– Currently it ranks 55 FIFA ranking.

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