What is the best soccer league in the world? part II

What is the best soccer league in the world? part II

In the previous installment we analyzed the corporate management of those considered -for many- the best leagues in the world: the Spanish and English. But nevertheless, for my German Bundesliga has a better scheme, precisely it causes their clubs do not make bombastic hiring, in an effort to preserve the sanity and not exceed certain economic stops in an effort to attract stars to their championship.

Teuton model sports management until now prevails in his home tournament was born practically ago 10 years, after a failure football (removing the Mannschaft at Euro 2004 in the first round) and an economic crisis (the near bankruptcy of the company Kirch TV, which he financed in fact the local championship with paying the transmission rights 20 1st clubs. Division), He prompting its leaders to reconsider schemes and objectives.

The Bundesliga is on the rise.
The Bundesliga is on the rise.

With the request of exgoleador Jurgen Klinsmann (He is taking that year as coach of the selected) that production will increase local talent, It was required to teams 2 máxmas categories that encourage the creation of youth academies and will promote the debut of young. Given the economic debacle, They began to leave foreign figures to you podérseles no longer pay their high salaries, then allowing the emergence of talents "homemade", como Mirosav Klose, Lukas Podolski, Christoph Metzelder o Kevin Kuranyi, who begin to "oxygenate" the old-looking national team.

It was also established that there could be a "single owner" in German clubs, being dictated the 50+1 of the shares are held by its partners-fans lately ... except powerful Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, which they are managed by strong companies for almost 3 decades, Bayern such as pharmaceutical and automotive Volkswagen, respectively. A) Yes, clubs are not at risk of falling into the hands of a millionaire who invests millonadas first and then get bored of his "new toy" and let adrift on campus, and conversely, important decisions passed by his followers, that, in some way are also "business owners".

Wolfsburg has always had an important support
Wolfsburg has always had strong support from Volkswagen.

Television, Clear, also it plays an important role in the Bundesliga, since spread 628 million euros per season based on a point system allocated according to the position of each team in the past 5 years. That is to say, "You get more points, earn more money ". That is, unlike Spain, where Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best "slices" economic (earn 11 times the "childishness"), regardless of their sporting achievements, based more than anything in the advertising image by club, marketing, Germany is privileged and rewards those who demonstrate on the court lifelong desire to win ... and therefore to please and satisfy their supporters.

All this causes the Bundesliga is solid financially, This does not necessarily mean that attend their games each week unaffordable for the common denominator of the German fans. And it is that a ticket for any meeting of the local tournament can costar2 times less than one of the English Premier League and one half of the Spanish League Stars. This triggered by a simple and logical argument of the German managers for not raising their costs: "If ticket prices are increased, there would be fewer people in the stands ... and at half-empty stadiums, We would have fewer sponsors ".

Bundesliga is normal to see full stadiums.

A) Yes, while in Germany the cheapest ticket income worth 13 euros, in Spain costs 31 and England 35. Rates that help the average attendance per game in the Bundesliga between 2011 Y 2013 has been almost 42 thousand fans, while the Premier is 35,921 The Scratching League and the 28,616. This shows the strength of the Teutonic championship, because unlike other European tournaments, It not depends exclusively on their income from television rights, but their finances and whether solid robustas- are based on other areas such as advertising and revenue from games.

I find it amazing (and uneven) the Barcelona, with 160,5 millions of euros, European club is more perceived televisions, followed by Real Madrid with 159,2 millions. Between the two they are divided almost half the cake in the Spanish League, something that has no comparison with any other competition in Europe. And yet, Iberian championship enters, total, almost half of what makes the Premier for TV rights.

Premier League, between Manchester United (128,5 millions), Manchester City (109) and Arsenal (104,7) just add the 27,9% of income from TV rights in England. While, greats "calcio" -Milan (139,8 millions), Inter (112,4 millions) and Juventus (90,6)- spread the 35.9% revenue for this concept.
Undoubtedly, all these facts and figures make clear, for me, that the best and fairest model of sports management is German.

Why? For its sense of community, the importance they give to do things as a team, that all members know their tasks, their strengths, and put them to the group; thus, clubs as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, Bayern Leverkusen and Stuttgart are unobjectionable example of good economic planning, thus following the guidelines of your league, They are based on a basic principle of finance: They do not spend what you do not have. It is no coincidence then that more and more German companies-from different giros- in search of success copying the working principles with the Bundesliga. And you do you think?

The Bundesliga is a great economic example.
The Bundesliga is a great economic example.

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