Four years without Andrés Montes

Four years without Andrés Montes
Andres Montes the inventor of "Tiki Taka". If you want to read best quotes click here

Andrés Montes, one of the best sports commentators who gave Spain, we left a day like today makes 4 years. Hated and admired equally, Montes did not leave anyone indifferent. Colgados today we remind this genius microphone.

Andrés Montes He born in Madrid in 1955, Galician father and Cuban mother, It was one of the best "speakers" from 1980, working for COPE, Radio Brand antenna 3 Radio. In 1995 He made the leap to fame, Antoni Daimiel with, As the driver NBA broadcasts in Spain for Canal +.

After 11 years Daimiel, his great companion and friend, in 2006, He announced its signing by laSexta, with the World Cup in Germany 2006 and the World Championships in Japan 2006, He worked alongside former players Juan Julio Salinas, Manuel López Iturriaga and Juan Domingo de la Cruz. In the summer of 2007, Eurobasket retransmitted, accompanied by former players Iturriaga and Epi.

Montes with Julio Salinas and Kiko.
Montes with Julio Salinas and Kiko.

His style quickly attracted public attention with phrases that will be history of Spanish journalism. Motes self-created both football and basketball became a star Montes microphone. Another feature that distinguished him was the use of flashy bow ties, and their head shaved to zero. He made his first steps in the world of cinema, He was an actor in the film Isi / Disi. Love to the beast in a small role as a basketball coach in the year 2004. Between 2006 Y 2009 retransmitted matches of the Spanish Football League and the Spanish basketball team in laSexta. The 20 September 2009 He announced at the end of the Eurobasket leaving the chain. The 16 October 2009 passed away, for reasons that are unknown today. His death is still a mystery.

Montes along with the Iturriaga who shared events like the World Championships in Japan.
Montes along with the Iturriaga who shared events like the World Championships in Japan.

Among his most famous quotes is the adjective "get-readywho has been around the world. Journalists from around the globe have coined this term to refer to the game of FC Barcelona and the "Red". After his death he received the prize of the "Royal Order of Sporting Merit" for his work spread of sports granted by the Superior Council of Sports.

Montes said more basketball than football. He was hated and loved equally by fans, his style did not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone sports mourned his death, even his detractors. Andrés Montes marked an era in the way of seeing the sport in Spain. today ago 4 years left us one of the great.


Phrases and famous quotations of Andres Montes:

“Alcachofas Sant Boi” (He is referring to what he should eat Pau Gasol in his childhood.)

“We are here, living the magic of basketball, Because life can be wonderful!”

“Mr. Calderon Catering, the best league trays”

“Garbajosa Multiusos! The same will sew you fry an egg a pin”

“Mumbrú, and not Mambrú who went to war”

“¡RATATATATATATATATATA!” (When a triple is recorded)

“Sergio Rodríguez, Mojo Picon! Canary rich sauce called mojo”

“And Rudy Got His Gun!”

“Alexander the Great!” (Alexandro Del Piero)

“Germany, heavy industry”

“Antonio López, The last Romantic!”

“Architect Cesc Fabregas”

“Shut, Salinas, You exhaust me”

“How we love football, Salinas”

“How we travel Salinas! 'And the best part is that it costs me a hard!!”

“Deco Decoder, Decoding the Portuguese game!”

“Where are the keys, Salinas? ¡Matara-countries-countries!”

“That's not a ball, it's a watermelon!”

“'Imagine that your daughter has a date with a boyfriend named Mertesacker, Salinas!! ¡¡Salinas, that can not be, what would you think?!”

“Jugón, jugón, jugón!”

“Never a Kaka smelled so good” (Referring to Kaká ')

“And adhesive means Gattuso”


“Tiki, taka, tiki, taka”

“FC Barcelona, Or what is the same, 'THE KINGS OF TIKI-TAKA!!”

“Angulo, service 24 hours”

“That's not a pass, It is a declaration of love!” (To a cross)

“Albelda 24 hours, masonry, carpentry, electricity!! Always at your service!!”

“The Heavy Paella.” (Referring to Valencia CF)

“Why did Pinocchio nose grew? By not admitting he saw the Sixth!”

“There he is Raul Gonzalez, the Tom Cruise of Spanish football…!”

“Salinas OMG! That eats Robinho is out for a month!”

” Menudas tangerines friend pulled here”

“I think we will have to take a lot Powerade here.”

"Suma y sigue Jiménez"

"Wilma open the door"

"Flight No.23" (Referring to Michael Jordan)

"Skewer merluuuza" (For plugs basket)

We leave several videos of some of the best moments of Andrés Montes:

-Video of the best moments in NBA, where no doubt it was the best.

-Video of the Germany-Italy 2006. Andrés Montes dramatic narrative.

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