Zaragoza training just blows

Zaragoza training just blows

Zaragoza training ends in a fight between players and fans of the club hand. Several players club hand were involved in a brawl controversy with their own fans. Mano fans club, still unnerved by the decline since last season, They began to scold some players, especially Apoño.

The incident had its start when fans focused their criticism Apoño. The player faced against them forcing the coach to mediate and change the warm-up exercises elsewhere in the training ground.

The thing would not end there. Ua person close to Apoño was in the stands and was involved in a fight with supporters prompting the player to jump directly to the stand and get involved in a fight. Several players went to help his partner ended in a fight between fans and players. Paco Herrera, Zaragoza coach suspended training. Certainly an embarrassing and regrettable fact.

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