Real Madrid loses 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid once again succumbed to the German curse and won its first European defeat of the season, by 2-1, on his visit to Borussia Dortmund in a match on which the German champion managed to impose his stamp.
Real Madrid squandered a golden opportunity to deal a major blow to their group and, far from taking advantage of Manchester City's puncture against Ajax, gave the lead to Borussia Dortmund leaving a flat image again in Germany.
And that to correct past mistakes, Real Madrid began trying to put the ball in the Dortmund half and already in the minute 5 had a good arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo on the left wing that originated in a loss of the ball by Marco Reus.

The play ended in a closed center that Mesut Özil could not connect with everything in his favor, but that seemed to be a warning for a phase of Madrid domination.
But nevertheless, although the white team had more ball possession and Dortmund lost balls relatively quickly in their own half, I also had a hard time getting there.
The game was of high intensity and rhythm, But he started to get tangled up and seemed more nervous than door-to-door until, after a quarter of an hour, Dortmund abandoned the reserves they had had at the beginning and began to undertake offensive adventures as well.
The first warning left him with a shot from outside the area by Sebastian Kehl that forced Iker Casillas to make a good save. That arrival had originated in a loss of the ball by Pepe and that precisely seemed to be the great danger that weighed on Madrid. Dortmund had started to press and launch quick attacks when they recovered the ball.

Sami Khedira relapsed from his injury and Real Madrid lost contention in the spinal cord. At his high speed of play he had two noteworthy arrivals in that phase, one by Ángel Di María in an individual play that ended with a shot over the crossbar and another by Ronaldo that also ended in a deflected shot.

But nevertheless, Dortmund had begun to show more depth and that was seen in the fact that Iker Casillas had more work than his German counterpart Roman Weidenfeller. At 36 the advantage came for Dortmund, through the Polish Robert Lewandowski.
Everything originated in a bad delivery of Pepe that Kehl intercepted and put the pass to Lewandowski first, who beat Casillas with a shot inside the area.
Madrid reacted quickly and only two minutes later drew with a great goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese received in the area a perfect pass from Özil from the middle of the field and defined first with a Vaseline before Weidenfeller's bad start.
The second half started again with a daring Dortmund and in the minute 50 Casillas had to send a shot into the corner from Mario Götze to a corner kick.
The second German goal came in the 64. Götze had entered the area from the right and his center was cleared with fists by Casillas. The ball, but nevertheless, fell at the feet of Marcel Schmelzer, that he defined with a powerful shot.
Real Madrid had a final attack, but Dortmund was confident in defense and, saved a header from Essien in the minute 89, had no clear chances of reaching a draw.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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