The best goalkeepers in the history of Real Madrid

The best goalkeepers in the history of Real Madrid
For many, Iker Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the history of Real Madrid. PHOTO:

Who is the best goalkeeper in the history of Real Madrid? Surely more than a fan of white club may have wondered who the best goalkeeper who has ever worn the white club zamarra. A complicated list considering the magnitude of the club we are talking about. Let's propose to some.

The best goalkeepers in the history of Real Madrid

Ricardo Zamora

He “Divine” Zamora, the man who gave his name to the trophy for the goalkeeper with the fewest goals scored in Spain and the inventor of the famous lane stop “Zamorana”. A Catalan who triumphed in style at Real Madrid in the early twentieth century. One of the best not only in the history of Real Madrid but the entire history of Spanish football. The first great goalkeeper of the sport.

Iker Casillas

Santo for a, topo for others but what can not be denied like more or less than his career at Real Madrid, where debut in 1999 It is successful. A defending the goal of life Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, riddled title until his departure in 2015 to Porto. Iker Casillas conquered 19 titles during the years he defended the Real Madrid shield: 3 European Cups, 3 Club World Cups, 2 European Super Cups, 5 Suspenders, 2 Cups and 4 Spanish Super Cups

Miguel Angel

Eighteen seasons defending the goal of Real Madrid, from the time of the yé-yé until the end of the 80. A long career where he won numerous League titles and two UEFA Cups. A porter legend for generations of legend that went by while he was still under the sticks.

Garcia Remon

The Odessa Cat. From 1971 a 1986 He was defending the white goal with Miguel Angel forming one of the best duos of porters who had never white club where he won numerous titles.

Paco Buyo

Despite his short stature for goalkeeper, the Galician was one of those spectacular goalkeepers who always gave the note for better and for worse. The Betanzos was 11 years defending the white goal where he played 454 of the 542 matches played in First. football things, he retired a year before Real Madrid managed to win the seventh European Cup in 1998 after many decades of waiting.

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