He “tigre” Falcao roars and eats the Child Torres and Chelsea

And “tigre” called Falcao aired the European Super Cup in just under 45 minutes. A single part that justified its investment last summer and that served to demonstrate that, day by day, he is the best center forward in the world light years away from Messi or Ronaldo, those who should be seen playing for Atlético. The victim was not another, that almighty Chelsea, current European champion, that gave up for a blunt 4-1 before some immaculate mattresses.

The Londoners' letter of introduction was of no use, those who claimed to be the best defense of the continent. Not even the acquisition of young talents like Oscar and Hazard ( that look like the closest thing to a scam). The reality is what it is, and Chelsea is a mediocre team. They generate a football that is the closest thing to a flat cycling stage of 300 kilometres. And what's worse, now it seems that luck is no longer with them, the one that served them last year to eliminate Naples “on the edge”, to Barcelona with the purest of coincidences, and the miracle Bayern.

So that, and having the best attacking couple in Europe on the other side, there is little to do. Falcao and Adrián drove a team crazy that only those things that life has, deprived him of taking a sack with more than 10 goals to london. Especially brilliant was the Colombian, que anotó tres goles, all of them in the first part, and crashed, besides, two balls to the sticks. Highlights, are the first two, those that served to put the final on track. In them, showed what it is: talent, opportunism, and goal. What is known as a “killer”,

Adrian, meanwhile, showed his ingenuity and his tremendous future. With them up and the Turk Turan supplying balls, is promising athletes. Because in addition, is trained by a technician, Simeone, of a lot of character that has managed to make him play with the same passion and hunger that he had in his years as a player.

By the way, Torres attended the game, eso si, it is unknown if he played.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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