Soccer clubs revolutionize their kits

Soccer clubs revolutionize their kits
Barcelona is one of those who has revolutionized their kit this year. PHOTO: FC Barcelona

A soccer team has more than powerful identifying symbols, for example, his shield or his kit. Is season there has been a real revolution in Football equipment by various clubs in order to give a new touch to your image.

Many details that remained unchanged over time have changed to make way for other 'tweaks' that perhaps, in many cases, their fans may not have liked them at all.

Then, we review several of the main changes that have occurred in the kits of great teams.

FC Barcelona and the Cruz de Sant Jordi

Definitely, the Barça this season he opted to flee from a totally blaugrana printed shirt to add two key elements to his shield such as the Cross of Sant Jordi and the Senyera.

The result has been that of a shirt with an asymmetric design that breaks the molds of the classic culé jacket a bit., and that has not left anyone indifferent.

Atlético de Madrid returns to the fray

At Atletico Madrid they are becoming specialists in renewing their most classic representative icons.

Years ago the mattress entity already chose to modify its shield and for this new football course where they return as favorites to title, He also wanted to give his shirt a ‘facelift’.

Football equipment
Atlético de Madrid are favorites again for the title. PHOTO: Atletico Madrid

We all remember the athletic elastic with uniform and symmetrical red and white stripes. As well, this season 21/22 the Atletico Madrid has abandoned such a design to compete with a kit in which the number of stripes decreases, and those of white color are accompanied by certain reddish tones in certain areas.

Chelsea and Inter Milan also join the fashion

It should be noted that this ‘revolution effect’ in soccer kits does not only occur in the Spanish league, but in other competitions as prestigious as Premier League O A series is also happening.

The Inter de Milan He surprised everyone this summer when he presented his new shirt that simulated the skin of a snake.

On the other hand, the Chelsea He also left behind his classic plain blue dress to introduce a new ‘zig-zag’ effect that is more than striking.

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