PC returns Football

PC returns Football
PC returns Football. Photo: Sportyou

Jugones generations of simulators “manager” football are in luck. Thousands of players who changed the time afternoons in the park with friends and occasional night, by long, long games father games every manager in the world, perhaps the best thing that ever existed. We speak as of saga PC Soccer, a franchise returns with the strength of new generations. The legendary football game revives mobile and computer twelve years after his disappearance.

The legendary manager who made havoc risen hand IDC Games, after Dinamic Multimedia, the company who did gave birth in 90, disappeared at the beginning of the XXI century. PC Soccer is called 2018 and it will be based on version 2001. It will be played in nine league: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Mexican, U.S, Brazil and Argentina.

However, it will not have official licenses, so players will not have the original name, but a similar and their characteristics. Who wants to play with current players can edit the names with an editing system included in the game. Obviously though, this new game hardly reach the levels of the old and original game and in the same way, it seems almost impossible to recover the nostalgia of the original.

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