Improper alignment precedent in the Copa del Rey

Precedente de alineación indebida en la Copa del Rey
Cheryshev played and scored against Cádiz. He was sanctioned. This cost the elimination Real Madrid.

Last update 2 December, 2015 by Alberto Llopis

Real Madrid could be eliminated from Copa del Rey 2015/16 for a serious administrative error. Rafa Benitez, Cadiz has aligned eleven of alternatives which included Dennis Cheryshev. So far so good if it were not for the player, son of legendary former Sporting striker Gijon. He drew a penalty in Copa del Rey last season while playing for Villarreal. To a complaint of Cádiz, white club should be out of the Copa del Rey given the precedents.

Mirandés-Osasuna: It is the closest precedent and dating from this season. Osasuna was eliminated from the Cup despite winning 1-2 Mirandés in Anduva. your player, Unai Garcia was suspended last season and was ranked by the Reds who were not only excluded from the Cup but were fined for 6001 euros. Therefore, Cádiz as if everything points that will, decides to report the case, Real Madrid would be excluded from the competition in the first round KO.

La prueba de la sanción a Cherysev.
Proof of sanction Cherysev.

The above case is that Benitez is already a recidivist because it was eliminated from the Cup with Valencia in 2001 to do the same against Novelda something that sight is, He has not learned the Madrid coach.

Benítez es reincidente.
Benitez is a recidivist.

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