The ten best Dutch players ever

The ten best Dutch players ever
For many, Johan Cruyff is one of the best footballers in the history of the Netherlands. PHOTO: Picture of makenbach in Pixabay

Who are they the best dutch players ever? Holland, a small country 16 million people but with great economic potential, enough to be between 16 richest countries in the world. A special place, where land is not infrequently located below the sea. Where the cheese is great protagonist in a population where it is not uncommon to find street street itself is also a Spanish or Argentine restaurant where you can taste a good lid or a better steak.

Well in this context football also it has a place. For Netherlands, besides it is having been champion of Europe 1988, also it has been a finalist three times World (1974, 1978 Y 2010). PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord, a trident that complements the selection also ever won the European Cup club course always with an offensive game, Of attack, made in Holanda. And the thing is that if soccer is lived anywhere as a performance of spectacle it is in the Netherlands. Possibly, no country has such a strong mark as the Dutch, seal associative play, Of attack.

The best Dutch players in history

Johan Cruyff: the inventor with Rinus Michels of the total football. One of the greatest footballers five story. An extreme, nine false or a total player. El Flaco could play all thanks to dribble overwhelming and brutal change of pace. He won everything with Ajax and his arrival in Barcelona led to a transformation of the club. If football is what is in the Netherlands and to a lesser extent in Spain, It is thanks to him. a revolutionary.

Dennis Bergkamp: If football is not only titles then this man must occupy the second position in this peculiar ranking by many others have a superior curriculum both individually and collectively. Yes because he was something else. It was what Federer to tennis or Jordan was to basketball. A perfect figure with an immaculate image to play the beautiful game like angels. It was good, very good, with past, a great efficiency in front of the goalkeeper and elegance rarely seen on a field. Gathered all, we are talking about a player who left sublime images and great goals for remembrance.

Marco Van Basten: besides being Ballon d'Or and give AC Milan two European Cups was the author of the most important goal in the history of Holland. A spectacular scissors in the final of Euro 1988 against Russia served to the first and only major international title to the Netherlands concerning selections. Marco had a very delicate race because of injuries, but still true works of art made most of times stepped on a green baize.

Edwin Van der Saar: 130 times by Netherlands (the most) and a myth in Ajax, Manchester United and selection. Winning all possible titles at club level, This lanky goalkeeper demonstrated that it is possible to be one of the best ever goalkeeper still being. Of course it was fast, agile, safe despite their 1.97 meters. It was thus reached the 40 the sticks and who was going to say…in one of his best moments of his life.

Johan Neeskens: Then came Davids but he was before. It was a unique midfielder with a unique delivery and fight. A lung in the middle of the field distributing, cut, He defended and attacked equally. He had an excellent shot from distance much strength. It was definitely, the total footballer. maybe, thus, He got to play two finals he played in Holland 70.

Ronald Koeman: one of the most scoring defenders in history and the man who gave Barcelona the first European Cup. Excellent pieces, He had a huge game vision for the long pass and an innate facility to get the ball from defense. Its weakness was waist, but still are talking about a big one that played in all major Dutch and won all possible titles under the World, its unique lunar.

Faas Wilkes: when the Netherlands was not yet Holland this player already marked an era in football. Perhaps because it was and has been the only player to make himself walls. It was with great goal striker (35 in 38 matches) and the second tulip out to play abroad. It was in the Inter, also in Valencia and Levante. His imprint was unforgettable wherever he was.

Robbie Van Persie: I started end because of its huge capacity and speed dribble. But his great scoring ability has made him end up playing center forward. It was a combination of Van Basten and Bergkamp.

Patrick Kluivert: framework 40 goals with your team. An elegant artist who was able to go well above and below. Quebradero constant headache for defenses, was one of the stars of the Ajax won the European Cup with AC Milan in Vienna. Not in vain, He was the man who gave the victory to Amsterdam.

Ruud Gullit: grieves left out of this list of ten best Dutch players like Clarence Seedorf men, Arjen Robben, Frank Rikjaard o Ruud Van Nistelroy, But leave out Ruud Gullit, the precursor of nine false, playmaker par excellence of the years 80 Y 90 who ended up playing as a midfielder and ended up being a player-coach at Chelsea after delighting for eight years in Italy with the great AC Milan de Sacchi and the Sampdoria. Player huge tour, He had a goal and special virtues to defend. He was a creator, a destroyer, again, Total other player.

Other of the best Dutch players in history

Marc Overmars, Frank Rijkaard, Rud Van Nistelroy, Edgar Davids, Dani Blind, Frank de Boer, Cocu, Wesley Sneijder, BEB BAKHUYS, Rafael van der Vaart, Clarence Seedorf, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Arjen Robben

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