“If everyone believed Maradona, football will be filled with fat”

“If everyone believed Maradona, football will be filled with fat”
Matias Almeyda: "If everyone believed Maradona, football will be filled with fat" Photo: Record

Former player and now coach the Mexican team Chivas, Matias Almeyda, He left a few pearls after appearing at a press conference. The coach was asked about the assertions of his colleague and compatriot Ricardo La Volpe, Paco Jemez with which he has had a serious battle, who cracked on the training methods of some technicians in Mexican soccer.

Chivas coach and former Argentine international footballer said that if many players start to believe that little can train, eat whatever they want and then perform their best in games, as did Diego Armando Maradona, “football is to be filled with fat”. Almeyda gave the example of Cristiano Ronaldo who praised. “I do not see Cristiano Ronaldo eating meat every day, good food makes it one of the fastest and most talented”.

Almeyda made it clear that not all players can be Maradona but did so in a very peculiar way. “Maradona was training three times a week and was the best, Maradona but there is one. If everyone thinks they are Maradona, football is to be filled with fat that they will not be able to follow” He said Argentine over fellow.

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