The enigmatic message on Neymar… Does your return to Barca?

The enigmatic message on Neymar… Does your return to Barca?
Neymar and Messi posing together (Photo: Instagram Neymar)

Social networks are the new way of information the players today. When one wants to squeeze a club to achieve an improved contract or be loved by another computer using a suggestive message. In the case of Neymar, He seems willing to return to FC Barcelona and reunited with his friend Messi.

Brazilian hung yesterday a message on his official Instagram account a photo accompanied by his old friend and former teammate at Barca: “When me and my friend Leo Messi join us, Great things happen! Already soon as I tell them, remain connected!”

Since the carioca rose photo with this message speculation about his possible return to Can Barça they have grown, even more considering it is more than public his strained relationship with Unai Emery, PSG coach, and the fact that the environment seems to have leaked the repentance of Neymar to have signed by the Parisian club. As Ney says, We connected and continue very attentive to any novelty.

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