From garbage collector to referee the World

From garbage collector to referee the World
Gabriel Victoria, of garbage collector in Panama to Russia's World (Photo: diaadia.commpa)

Nice story that comes from Panama. Proof that hard work ends up having his reward and if pursued a dream can become reality. It has happened to Gabriel Victoria's happened to collect garbage in your country to be one of the assistant referees the next World Cup Russia.

Gabriel is a referee in Panama but the salary he received was not enough to live and had to look for extra work to make ends meet. In this way he managed to work as a garbage collector ago 25 years Authority for Urban and Household Panama.

Not be his debut in a competition abroad and in 2015 he went to New Zealand for the World Cup Under-20, in 2016 in the America's Cup in the United States and 2017 He visited India to participate in the U-17. But nevertheless, now comes the great opportunity of your life as it will be referee assistants in all World, something you will never forget.

Javi Argudo

Javi Argudo

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