Why choose Barcelona Arda?

Why choose Barcelona Arda?

He has already jumped the first bomb of the summer!, and though both sides deny, it looks like Arda Turan will be new player of FC Barcelona next season. The Turkish crack will change the banks of the Manzanares by the Camp Nou. It will come to a team that just win it all, and where it is very difficult to break into the starting lineup. Because of this, in the minds of many fans and connoisseurs of the sport round one question: Why Arda?

Hiring the, for now, 10 of Atletico Madrid it has been an express request of Luis Enrique Directive. The Spaniard technician has three grounds weight that support the signing of this player:

his versatility. Arda's enormous talent has become a complete player. A midfielder with goal, long shot, what it allowed to develop without problems attacking player functions. On the other hand, the need and commitment to the Cholo Simeone imposed on all players have also penetrated the Turkish, and several parties have been able to appreciate its defensive sacrifice. further, the season is very long and you need to have players capable of acting in different positions.

Xavi progress. Goodbye to one of the best players in the club, and of all time, He has left a significant void in the team, especially in the midfield. This, Rafinha joined that seems endless to exploit, Lucho has made need a midfielder with quality and connoisseur of Spanish league, and who better than Arda Turan. It is not about giving respite Xavi Hernandez, but to incorporate a footballer playing the same profile and characteristics of midfielders who have worn in recent years shirt culé.

Character. It is well known that if anything left over to Arda, Apart from quality, It is character and personality. Many blame precisely why, for his strong character, Turan will be conflict and disrupt the coexistence of costumes. But Luis Enrique does not see it. Which for many can be a serious problem, Lucho is an important quality.

These are the three reasons that they justify more than presumable signing Arda Turan by the Catalan club. It is not known whether or not they will suffice to convince those fans who are not in favor of hiring the player.

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