Who will be the 9 of Spain in the World Cup in Brazil 2014?

Who will be the 9 of Spain in the World Cup in Brazil 2014?

With the World Cup just around the corner, the penultimate league break and culebrón Costa solved, it seems that the theoretical front of the Spanish team have awakened from their slumber and want to wear it more than difficult to Vicente Del Bosque when discarding names. With the false debate 9 background and possible low breaking injury, Colgados today we kick off the race for the center forward position “The Red”. As we know that our readers take a coach within, We opened a vote for each bring up to the national team that everyone has inside.

These are the names that strive to be the benchmark of the current world champion:

Diego Costa: The Atletico Madrid striker is arguably one of the best in the world today. If you continue at this level and injuries respect you, it seems that could be chosen. Against this only little adaptation to the team, the group and the way they play, since after the recent injury has not been able to attend matches preparedness Equatorial Guinea and South Africa.

Fernando Torres: Mourinho's return to Chelsea, Madrid seems to have reached for the penultimate time its best. This time, neither it has been summoned because of an untimely injury, but what nobody can deny is that the child of the late redials important golazos in England and Europe.

David Villa: To say the top scorer in our selection. This summer ended at Atletico and share this great moment that colchoneros live now. He has been the star striker in the last major championships. Is it coincidence that we have all been victorious? Scariolo points ...

Alvaro Negredo: He seems to be the current 9 head of our team. In recent big games, He has been commissioned to carry on their shoulders the weight of goal. Very much in Del Bosque, It has made a hole in the side of Pellegrini in the City, fighting men like Agüero, Dzeko, or Jovetic and already totals 8 between Premier and Champions many, 4 in each one.

Fernando llorente: La Rioja has become part of the selected Vicente in this last call. After his particular ordeal lived in Bilbao last year and the injury Vucinic, It seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His great form and his goalscoring form has been awarded by the forest with his return to selection. Sure he will fight until the last moment to be among the 23 elected back in May.

Roberto Soldado: Absent in the group in these games seems to have lost a bit of bellows lately. He started very strong Premier League, scoring goals and Saturday if Saturday as well but right now bypasses its best, like the Spurs.

Pedro Rodriguez: The canary has not played much this year F.C. Barcelona, since the Tata seems to prefer Alexis. Even so, Pedrito always take advantage of its opportunities to the fullest. Both club and Red, He has always given above expected with Spain. It may not be a pure nine as above but 13 goals scored with the national team during the past year suggest that will.

Michu: The benchmark Spanish striker Swansea Laudrup made his debut with the national team just over a month ago. You probably have little chance of being in the finals but the enthusiasm and desire is not lacking.

Cesc Fabregas: We wanted to make this name to the end, except injury since some are sure to be in Brazil. versatile player, is the leading exponent of nine false. Creator, llegador from second line and scorer, He has it all and has played an important role in the recent history of our selection.

judge for yourself and choose three names from previous, Starting with the base that Cesc and Pedro but can play center forwards are not really. So choose other names of the three that would take Brazil if the World begin tomorrow.

Who will be the 9 of Spain in the World?

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