Real Madrid seeks a 9 for the future

Real Madrid seeks a 9 for the future
Halaand is one of those wanted to occupy the 9 from Madrid. PHOTO: Passion Soccer

In the white house they look for a 9, that and other things, but today we are going to focus on Madrid's need for a center forward. Zidane's team comes from winning a league where he was the protagonist for his defense. It became customary that the merengue team will win by the minimum, something unusual.

In the current season they are favorites to win the league title, We can see that in the Betsson sports betting and various online bookmakers. But nevertheless, the goal is still a big problem for whites. Benzema is a great player, but he is not the scorer this team needs. That is why the sports management has proposed to find a nine that guarantees at least a few 30 goals per season in league.

Zidane had expressly requested that they bring Jovic, a great scorer when he was in Frankfurt, but when they step on Madrid the goals do not arrive. It should also be noted that the French coach does not bet much on him and is right now on the starting ramp.

The current situation of Real Madrid

The merengue team is going through a catastrophic moment, Injuries and problems in defense have been added to the lack of goal. In their last league game they lost 4-1 in Mestalla against a Valencia that had been falling apart. further, in Champions things did not start well at all and they only carry 4 Points of 9 potential, having their classification to eighth more than compromised.

Today bet that Madrid will win a title is risky, this team suffers a lot from the lack of a 9 hierarchy. Each game is being a final and we are only in November, which does not look good at all for the white house. So, What would be the 9 perfect for Madrid? Let's analyze it with proper names.

Erling Haaland

Norwegian is the sensation of the moment, Since his irruption with Salzburg he has been the object of desire of great Europeans. With only 20 years he has been setting scoring records with his now team Dortmund. His scoring streak does not stop and he is one of the best so far this year.

Its characteristics are of a 9 powerful, high speed, good punch out of the box, great game association and the best his definition in front of goal. At Real Madrid they dream of a forward like Haaland, that has a lot of present and a great future ahead. The white team will go for him in the summer, We will see if the Norwegian ends up landing in Valdebebas.

Lautaro Martínez

Another one that has been playing is the Argentine from Inter, the bull is a great striker who can play as a center forward or also seek action on the wings. In the options Lautaro is one of the furthest, Well, there is also interest from Barsa in getting their services.

If we put it next to Haaland right now there is no color, Norwegian ranks first for online bookmakers. Although its high price opens a door for Martínez that, as has been learned, he welcomes Madrid's interest. The bull has a goal and youth, a combination that has not been seen in the white house for a long time.

Kylian Mbappé

The dream of all Madridistas is French. Today he is the highest rated player on the planet, its projection is infinite, it's not a pure nine, but the goals fall from his boots. further, the player's affinity with Zidane could play a fundamental role in his hiring.

The main problem with Kylian is his current club. The Parisians are not a team that lets go of its players easily and with Mbappé it will be no exception. We have already seen how they have forced Neymar, Marquinhos, Verrati and Rabiot to remain in the club by force.

Another problem that Madrid will face when trying to sign the French forward is competition. Clubs like Liverpool have already expressed their intentions to convince him to join their ranks. Likewise, FC Barcelona could be another contender, and let's not forget that before going to PSG, Mbappé was very close to reaching the culé team.

The three forwards are of great quality and betting on any of them will be a great success for any team, although the best for Madrid would be Kylian Mabappé.

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