The most ridiculous clauses football history

The most ridiculous clauses football history
The curious clause Guiseppe Reina had Arminia was most curious. Photo: Ten
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What are the most ridiculous clauses in the history of football? Throughout the history of football have signed contracts million, all of them always full of clauses. But nevertheless, some of them have passed into football history for being the most peculiar and even absurd. Let's remember some of them.

The most absurd clauses in the history of football

Neymar signed a clause with PSG called ‘ethical bonus’ that required the Brazilian to “greet and thank the fans before and after each match” but also to “avoid any adverse public comment on the team's tactical options”. Something that would fall within the logic and human education and that of course should be free, it supposed the Brazilian to pocket 6,5 million euros per year. One of the most absurd clauses in football history as well as shameful.

Bobby Gould Wimblendon coaching the English half of the 80. There, English former footballer signed a contract in which the club president at that time, he included a clause in which the owner, could change the alignment to 45 minutes before the meetings.

When Chelsea signed to Eden Hazard in 2012 part Small, French club gave 10.000 euros to each player from the transfer of the Belgian player to the English team.

German Eintracht signed a Rolf-Christel Guié-Mien, a player of Congolese origin who had a fondness for German cuisine. While in his contract it included a clause that the club will pay his wife a cooking course.

The German Giuseppe Reina signed with him Arminia Bielefeld a clause in which that for each season that he played for the club, these would deliver a new home. But nowhere in the contract specified that size would have such housing, so at the end of his first season, when you had to give him a new house they were given a Lego 20 cm high.

Neil Ruddock It was a rough and hard core who had problems with her weight. When he signed for Crystal Palace he included a clause saying that every time you come despite 100 kg he would drop one 10% of your salary. This happened 8 times during the season.

Dennis Bergkamp He was flying phobia and that everyone knew. Arsenal also accepted the contract he signed in the Dutch while the rest of the team traveled by plane, Dennis could use other means of transportation to move.

Other of the most ridiculous clauses in the history of football

As our faithful follower tells us Jose Luis Albo, these are other of the weirdest clauses we have seen in the history of football:

-Fired for doing well: the season was running 1992-93 in Bundesliga. The Schalke 04 offered a bonus of DM 1.5 million to his new coach Udo Lattek (1935-2015) if he ended up above his archrival, Borussia Dortmund. Seeing the leadership that was going to meet its goal, they fired him before the end of the league. That tournament ended with Borussia Dortmund installed in a comfortable 4th place, reaching 41 points, while the Gelsenkirchen team went to 10th place staying in the 34 points

-Of mice and cats: when forward Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (1993) signs for English Arsenal (2011) coming from Southampton, the “saints” they negotiated a plus of 14.000 € for every time your former player played 20 minutes per game. Knowing this, its technical, a tal Arséne Wenger, I took him out to the field from the minute 72. The problem was that no one at Arsenal took into account the extension time of each game and Southampton did.. In the end the “gunners” they had to go through the box

-Quiet you will earn more: this is the case of the Brazilian Thiago Silva (1989), who has a clause in his contract with Paris Saint Germain (2012), what does it mean 492.000 € annually if you do not criticize the decisions of your coach or managers in the media. The funny thing is that this player was never wayward or dissatisfied with anyone in his previous teams.

weirdest clauses in football history
Thiago Silva signed a strange clause in his signing for PSG. PHOTO: Transfermarkt
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