Real Madrid will start the new season with a new partner: easyMarkets

Real Madrid will start the new season with a new partner: easyMarkets
Real Madrid signs a contract with easymarkets. PHOTO: Real Madrid

Real Madrid ended their season on top by winning their 34 league title, although this time he could not add the Champions League trophy. Fortunately, has agreed a new partnership with easyMarkets, a widely recognized and recommended CFD broker, which has ceased its collaboration with Betis to sign a contract with Real Madrid, of which the details are not yet known.

Real Madrid were crowned first in La Liga after beating Real Sociedad, tying with Barcelona in points, but surpassing goals average. But nevertheless, the round of 16 match against Manchester City has earned him the elimination of the UEFA Champions League.

This new agreement signed by Real Madrid and easyMarkets will kick off the new season 2020-2021 and big benefits are forecast for both parties. For the current champion of Spainña, economic compensation and for the online trading broker, partner with a club with millions of fans around the world and one of the biggest in Europe.

EasyMarkets and Real Madrid sign an agreement of mutual benefit

As an important signing for the financing of the club and a goal for easyMarkets, whose head of marketing, Ohad Golan, assured that the brand was looking to partner with a team that could be immediately recognized and that will have a rich history, and with a broad and loyal fan base.

Both companies found common ground with each other, such as the fact that they are currently both leaders in each of their fields; easyMarkets in online finance and Real Madrid in Spanish football. It was in the words of Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid who said: "Both of them, el Real Madrid e easyMarkets, are leaders in their sectors and share common values. So we want to start working with them as Official Trading Partner from the 2020/2021 season "

What is known about the new sponsorship between easyMarkets and Real Madrid

easyMarkets signed as official online trading partner of Real Madrid, but nevertheless, the terms and conditions of this new contract are not yet in the public domain, so it is not known what will be the commitment of both parties in the new partnership. What can be known, is that it would last 3 years from the following La Liga season.

But nevertheless, it is clear that the relationships between the club and the broker are healthy and potentially successful, since both share common values ​​and a specific objective that will benefit both parties in economic and advertising matters.

Advertising will be the biggest advantage in the new partnership

The exact terms of the contract are not yet known, but everything indicates that an important point will be advertising. From the following La Liga season and for three years thereafter, easyMarkets will be the official online trading partner Real Madrid, so it can be inferred that the broker seeks to increase its market value among loyal fans of the club.

It is expected that the terms of the new contract are officially announced, to know more details of this new commercial partnership between both leading companies in their respective areas.

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