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Seven German players dismissed for making the Nazi salute

Seven German players dismissed for making the Nazi salute
Seven German players were expelled for making the Nazi salute. PHOTO: image

They went from 'funny’ and this has cost them to stay without equipment. It happened in Germany when seven players from a German amateur team, the branch of SC 1920 Myhl, they did not think anything other than make a 'grace’ completely out of context in the century in which we live. The seven young men raised their arms making the familiar Nazi salute while they made an official club photo.

Laughing and fellow witnessing color image, these boys decided to meet the request of one of the sponsors of the club asked to do something funny. And they understood that this Nazi do reverence was his way of being funny something that cost the team immediate dismissal and breaking the club with this sponsor.

"When we knew about it, immediately convened a board meeting. According to the rules of our club, we could only conclude to expel members ", said club president, Marc Winkens. They involved apologized, but to no avail. This unfortunate gesture has shaken the German public opinion and open various debates. And it is that instead of evolving it looks like we did back in many places.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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