Spartak Moscú 0- Barcelona 3: Messi reaches Van Nistelrooy

Messi is also in Russia Tsar. That genius who gets everything that is proposed is already a legend goal, but it does not seem to settle. Twenty years had not won Barca in Russia, where he had not set the record man of modern football, who he aspired to beat a couple of these historic brands that likes so much and so little it costs lately break.

And with two goals over a record was aired 1909, Van Nistelrooy equaled in Champions and, perhaps most importantly, He put his team in the second round of the competition. At this rate we will have to invent new terms to refer to the excellence of this player just 25 years.

Vilanova intuited for good that the meeting required the big club and opted for a team with more possession and less slippage, the balance before the vertigo. His choice had his men disputasen one of the most serious games of the season to give shelve the first phase.
For it recovered Busquets, a key to overcome the trap posed by Emery.

The Barca midfielder was the usual pendulum and braked correctly kickbacks Spartak Moscow. The Badia is demand balance every team to face teams whose constant strategy is the backlash. Taking a pressure recovery spherical measuring space behind him is one of those very special skills that have allowed her to choose the Ballon d'Or.

This award will surely be back for Leo and merits more than deserved. Argentina achieved what was missing, mark in Russia, but also he scored two goals on one hand serve to match the record of goals between Champions (13) and selection (12) in a calendar year that showed Vivian John Woodward from 1909, and on the other to match Ruud Van Nistelrooy as second top scorer in the history of the Champions League with 56, Raul fifteen.

The club dispensed with his usual depth and handed a network of technically gifted men to exercise full control of the party. The result of this Spartak failed to shoot on the goal of Valdes in the ninety minutes. Vilanova resigned at the speed used for thrashing away, I had done it to fit too many goals against.

Pedro had the first goal in his boots after a pass from Xavi lines. The canary still thrashing with Barca, despite its magnificent state of form, but it is a constant threat to opposing defenses. This time it was the only equipment end and pulling the vertical uncheck team.
Shortly soon arrive the first goal Barca. After a torn Messi, rebound he landed at the feet of Alves on the edge of the area who shot with the outside Dikan. Barca soon realized its superiority in the match. Al contrario, the first of Spartak went into the clouds after a forced auction of Emenike.
Barca showed cash in on itself and forceful opponent's area and also managed to keep a clean sheet in the first arrival of his rival. His domain was still overwhelming and Messi began to reclaim prominence. His torn were always the source of the dangerous moves of Vilanova. And just one of them would reach the first Argentine, that after a refusal struck volley right at the bottom of the goal.

Barça sentenced the match after half an hour, when his opponent, impotent had hardly generated in danger studied counterattacks designed by Emery. Barca dominance even more accentuated but the danger came in waves. In one of those came a historical moment: Messi's 25th goal this year between Champions and Argentina selection and number 56 en Champions.

Peter received three quarters of the field and forced a bit Argentine asisitó. Before the goalkeeper, Messi made a perfect control almost without wanting to beat the goalkeeper and into the empty net pushed the ball. Eighty goals with that sum in his particular race dethrone the 'Torpedo’ Muller.
The party fell in intensity then and only an action of Iniesta for his personal gallery thrilled attendees. Barca did not fail in the first important moment of the season, and he responded to defeat in Glasgow with a resounding victory and leaving behind a feeling of team that aspires to the title.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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