A fan of Sunderland is set to shitting in the stands in the middle of a match

A fan of Sunderland is set to shitting in the stands in the middle of a match
This particular subject decided shitting in the stands while watching the game of his team, Sunderland. Photo: Twitter

It seems that in this world of football is not everything seen. If you do not tell that to fellow town of this individual, follower Sunderland, that without thinking twice went to shit over your town during the party Championship, english second division, He is contesting his team against Reading. It is seen that the amateur suffered a “grip” during the game and going to the toilet to relieve it seemed to him an impossible mission or not enter his head.

So to the logical stupor of the people around him, this character, neither short nor lazy, decided to drop his pants and boxers and deposit 'the gift’ in the town where he was sitting. All of this of course, while he did not miss any detail of his team's match without getting nervous.

The fan who shits in the stands

As is obvious, the amateur images that shits in the stands of the stadium during the match did not take long to become viral and circulate on the Internet. As is obvious, The fan ended up leaving the stadium with the police after leaving the “prize” the poor fans around him in his town and had to witness and endure so peculiar, as ridiculous and, disgusting moment of this individual, for saying something, as well as being with more people, it doesn't suit him. Live to see.

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