Heart beats four operations to return to football

Heart beats four operations to return to football

A German footballer heart beats four operations to return to football. With this headline, we can find one of the most shocking news this week that explains why football is more than a sport. Daniel Engelbrecht, Stuttgarter Kickers player, suffered the 21 July 2013 an experience that would change his life forever and it could have been lethal. I fainted during a football match.

Fortunately, He was revived and managed to survive. It was detected a severe cardiac injury and had to be operated four times to finally, incorporates an internal defibrillator lead. But nevertheless, this has not brought an end to his greatest passion, play football. The player returned to the pitch scoring just one goal.

“Nothing is impossible. I think everyone is happy for me, even opponents. This day has been a gift I will always remember and hope to live another such moments. It is true that I have fear. No I never go. But I love this sport too much to stay away. I lived a year in hell, I can not get stressed or tired, I have to make a life of a person seniors. So I wanted to play football again to live this emotion, the biggest of my life” He said visibly moved after his return to the playing fields.

Kanu had surgery heart when he was at Arsenal and continued to play several more years nivel.Un large player like Antonio Cassano had to be operated to keep playing and in Spain, we have the case of Sergio Sánchez, who it was detected cardiac injury and it was operated heart. The doctor who operated said that playing football, not die and that thanks to that operation. They were lucky, others like Door, Jarque and others not. If you want to remember you can continue reading this article.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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