Argentina suspended a whole-Brazil due to lack of light

Argentina and Brazil had to suspend the second leg of superclásico South America by a strange light problem. Chilean referee Enrique Osses decided to suspend the meeting after stating that “this way you can not play”, some 70 minutes after the scheduled time of beginning.

Germán Lerche leader, the Argentine Football Association (GRANDPA), dijo que “it was not possible to overcome the problem in the stadium lighting, He waited a reasonable time and no new date for the dispute of this meeting”.

The organization had raised both delegations that the match will take place on Thursday, but Lerche said “it is impossible, because both teams have to return players to their respective teams for their league matches”.

In the first leg of the annual series between the two national teams named “Superclassic of the Americas”, which took place two weeks ago in Goiania, ganó Brasil por 2-1.

The cancellation was ordered when a 19.000 spectators were in the stands of the stadium Bicentennial of the capital of Chaco.

Lighting stopped minutes before 22.00 local time (01.00 GMT Thursday) and efforts were unsuccessful technicians to resume service, after a few 40 minutes from the exit of the teams on the field.

Players retreated to the locker room waiting for the solution of the problem, that there was less than an hour to midnight Argentina.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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