The curious theory that would champion the next World Cup to England

The curious theory that would champion the next World Cup to England
Guardiola poses with the Premier League trophy (Photo: AFP / Glyn KIRK)

In the world of football we are more than accustomed to seeing players, coaches, managers and fans course practicing all sorts of rituals and manias full of superstition for his team to achieve victory. The next World Cup will be no exception, even more so considering that it is an appointment that is celebrated once every four years.

There is a theory, coincidence or mere coincidence indicating that England could be the next champion of the World Cup. Involuntary protagonist of this theory is none other than Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach just proclaimed champion of the Premier League.

the fact that the Catalan coach was champion of the Spanish League when he coached FC Barcelona in given 2010, year in which Spain won the title in South Africa. Later, in 2014, Guardiola was champion of the German Bundesliga and the German team beat Argentina in the World Cup in Brazil. Thus, now that the coach has achieved the league title in England, there are already many who believe that it should invest some money betting on England in Russia 2018.

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