The player who appeared in all FIFA from 1996 until 2017

The player who appeared in all FIFA from 1996 until 2017
Only one player was during 21 years out in the FIFA. PHOTO: Capture / Youtube

All we attended the September FIFA output, the saga of soccer game World's most followers. EA Sports game, sells millions of copies every year and for more than two decades and its first deliveries although the names of the players were not real, many players have virtually passed by FIFA. Well from 1996 until 2017 only one player left in all editions.

In the of 2015 were two players who remained after two decades as a player in the video game but after the withdrawal of Rogerio Ceni, like film Immortals it were, It could be only one. We speak as, of a symbol in your club, a legendary football in recent decades, Italian Francesco Totti who managed to hold two seasons and beating a record.

Francesco Totti came in from FIFA 1996 until 2017. PHOTO: Capture / Youtube

In 1996 he was a young man of 20 years already had considerable media in that primitive FIFA 96 that some will dedicate many hours of play on those old consoles 90 both gave game. And while we were still at school,  the eternal Roman captain and left the legendary game. With his retirement in 2017, hopes to beat his record are pinned on players like Buffon or Casillas, who also accumulate quite a few years running and going in the FIFA.

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