Valencia 1- PSG 2: Valencia CF overcome before a PSG where Ibrahimovic was sent off

Valencia 1- PSG 2: Valencia CF overcome before a PSG where Ibrahimovic was sent off
Valencia 1- PSG 2: Bad result for Valencia before a PSG where Ibrahimovic was sent off

He could not Valencia with PSG and remains virtually foot and a half out of the Champions.

The French made easy. fruit of effectiveness of vitiating the Valencia met with two goals in the first half, and that is paid.

Especially if you are facing an attacker trident formed by Pastore, Lavezzi and Ibrahimovic, They are showing the pitch of Mestalla that understand perfectly.

During the first half the Valencia went missing, very lost. Banega never found the helm of the team and perhaps for that reason and because they were 0-2 break, Valverde decided to leave him in the house.

PSG warned the 8 minutes with a shot to the post of Lucas Moura and in less than two minutes later, Lavezzi made the first goal.

From there the PSG had the game as he wanted and where he wanted. He controlled, he matured and dropped a second gift in the form of a goal three minutes before the break. Pastore left the tie on track for French.

The second half began with Valencia with a lot of momentum but it did not last long. PSG could sentence after further his pass to the second round with a clear chance of the minute Lavezzi 60, a goal or canceled in the 71 and other dangerous approaches.

And when it seemed that it would end like this, they got two good news for che.

Rami reduced differences in 89 Ibrahimovic and seconds later saw the red card after a nasty kick to Saved and that means you will not be in the second leg.

yes, the tie is very difficult.

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