Arsenal and Juventus and fight for the first crack of the World

Arsenal and Juventus and fight for the first crack of the World
Aleksandr Golovin tuvo un brillante debut con Rusia (Photo: Daily Star)

The World Cup is the biggest showcase for the players is more than evident. Every four years there are several players who excel in this event and make the leap to a great club and a great league. The signing does not always work and often prices soar and the thing ends in failure. This time, the first 'crack’ This championship has a name: aleksandr Golovin.

Russian midfielder was most prominent in the debut of its selection yesterday. Russia, host, He won a landslide victory over his penchant for 5-0 against Saudi Arabia and weak Golovin gave an authentic recital in the wide area of ​​the field. further, He completed his performance with a goal from a direct free kick that sealed the win.

The player is under contract until 2021 CSKA Moscow but is not expected to happen this summer unsigned by another club. Arsenal leads the way to acquiring his services but Juventus has joined the fight and talk about 20 million euros the economic pillar to sign this young man 22 years he has done a good season quarreling 43 matches (Russian league, Russian Cup, Champions League and Europa) scoring 7 goals and dishing 6 assists.

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