Casillas, Bale, League inequalities and media avalanche

Dear hanging:

One more Sunday but no football, although to tell the truth we have been sufferers of the news of the main sports television channels. For these programs, all world football, national, regional and local has been focused on a single news, able to bypass all the football activity of the national teams during this week. What is really important and relevant has been who would occupy the goal of the Spanish team football against the Finnish team, Valdes or Casillas?. Finally our Marquis and mustache man, He took us out of the most obvious doubt of recent years in the Spanish soccer team. Only Casillas is the owner of the goal, regardless of whether or not he plays for his team.

Of course, I will not be the one who doubts Iker's ability and professionalism, one of the best goalkeepers in the history of world football, but for those of us who believe that the national team is the award for the best present career of the fittest players , this decision the least could be discussed. The week has left us another pearl. Discussed and criticized the price paid by Bale, we will add the last criticism, that of the coach of German Borussia Dortmund, Jürgen Klopp, considering it crazy. Klopp's words intuit the exorbitant amount paid without knowing if Gareth Bale will adapt to the sports and social demands of which we could say, without mistake the biggest club in the world, the real Madrid.

Another striking news from this week, has been the figures given by the LFP of the positive balance in about 91 millions of euros, between buying and selling professional players. To me personally, what this number arouses me, it is a substantial and objective drop in the sporting level of domestic competition. Soccer clubs have had to adjust with restrictions on transfers to clean up their accounts. But nevertheless, the big ones follow their roll with negative balances in their results and curiously those that should be a reference to the rest, Real Madrid and Barcelona, close their balance sheets in signings with a negative of less 57 Y 40 million respectively.

Definitely, It is an insult to the economic situation of Spain, those that generate the most losses, the more they receive and the more they spend, What a culture of spending!. A nice, there are many voices aloud that from within and from without are seriously betting on a change in the current structures of television distributions, Mr. Thebes has a lot of work ahead, Although for the moment all he has done has been to speak and not demonstrate anything by making the : “barking dog, little teether”, maybe because he is not interested.

Sergio Barres

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