The last Dutch signings of Barça have not measured up

The last Dutch signings of Barça have not measured up
Memphis started very strong but has been diluted at Barça. PHOTO: FCBarcelona_cat

He Barça y Holanda have always been closely related since Johan Cruyff will land in Barcelona, marking a before and after in the history of the culé club. Tras él, more dutchmen have arrived to the blaugrana discipline, although the latest signings with a tulip accent have not measured up.

And it is that as it points sisal stakes, the numbers of international footballers by Países Bajos who have defended the shirt of the FC Barcelona in recent years are very poor compared to the illusion awakened.

The last Dutch signings of Barça, the case of Frenkie De Jong is the most worrying

He amazed the world at Ajax, all the greats of Europe sighed for him and he decided to sign in 2019 por el Barcelona. His transfer was not cheap, since it cost 80 kilos, but its potential was enormous. It's more, his way of playing was ideal for his position within the style and 'Barca DNA'.

But the certain and fixed thing is that De Jong has not finished carbureting, es más, is increasingly questioned and has had to see how the Gavi, Nico y Pedri, players of the newBaby Barçathey eat the toast.

The talented Dutch footballer, one of the best in Europe in his position when Barça signed him, seems to have completely lost the level that led him to sign for the Catalans in January 2019. Three years later there seems to be no trace of that great footballer.

Memphis savings, the new Afellay?

After Messi's goodbye and the lack of Ansu Fati, Memphis savings he became the great hope of the culé attack. In fact, at the start of the season he was the most prominent, contributing goals. But the passing of the months, and an injury included, their performance has dropped noticeably.. It seems that the light of the new winter signing of Laporta turns off.

His situation is partly reminiscent of that experienced after the hiring of Ibrahim Affellay in 2011. A Dutchman who promised and invited optimism, and finally ended up going out the back door in 2014. Although it is true that the physical problems did not give it continuity.

We will have to wait to see if Frenkie De Jong o Depay se from del Barça with more sorrow than glory as the aforementioned did Afellay, or more recently the goalkeeper Cillessen, who showed potential, but he could not remove from ownership Ter Stegen and ended up transferred to Valencia in an exchange of goalkeepers between clubs. Neto arrived at Can Barça and the aforementioned Cillessen at Mestalla.

Nor can we forget Luke De Jong, who arrived as a rebound last summer market to replace Griezmann, and from the minute one is questioned. Although with the arrival of 2022, the striker on loan from Sevilla seems to have risen from his ashes and has become the culé's top scorer when it seemed that he was a foot and a half away from the club.

Koeman, Richard Witschge y go 90

With the arrival of Johan Cruyff to the culé bench at the end of the 80 and principles of 90 the policy of looking towards the Netherlands was resumed. This is how players like Ronald Koeman arrived who, with his goal in 1992, gave the first European Cup in its history to Barcelona and also an unknown Richard Witschge.

Finales de los 90 and principles of 2000: lights and shadows with the dutch

It should be noted that there was a time when the FC Barcelona yes he was completely right in hiring Dutch soccer players.

En el Camp Nou have been able to enjoy men like Ruud Hesp, Phillip Cocu, Patrick Kluivert, twins Frank and Ronald De Boer o Edgar Davis, who was on loan for a few months, but it was key.

Although it is also true that Barça punctured with others like Marc Overmars what did it cost 6000 million euros and the injuries did not let him perform, Winston Bogarde, much discussed throughout his stage as a culé or Reiziger which despite fulfilling, he failed to convince that his level was adequate for a club like Barcelona.

Definitely, lights and shadows with the players 'tulips’ who have passed through Can Barça.

Carlos Garrido

Behind every pass, regattas, stop and goal there is always a story, and I like to write. Follow me on @carlos_vianos
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