Large pufos of the Spanish League: Samuel Okunowo

Large pufos of the Spanish League: Samuel Okunowo
Samuel Okunowo, one of the worst signings in the history of Barcelona. PHOTO: Catalunya Diari

Samuel Okunowo has the sad honor of being one of the worst players in the history of Barca. During the late 90's and early this century, Barcelona signed some, if not almost all, of the worst signings of history.

Samuel Okunowo, one of the worst players who have been to the Camp Nou

born 1 March 1979, a Nigeria, Samuel Okunowo He arrived at Barça after being observed in a tournament in Lisbon by scouts from the culé club. He was playing a tournament with his club, the Shooting Stars, with whom he had debuted the 16 years, when the Catalans technicians decided to incorporate it into its subsidiary.

Military after only one season in the subsidiary blaugrana, Louis van Gaal, defender of players of the type of Bogarde O Traveler, He decided to upload it to the first team of Barcelona with which got to dispute fourteen matches and three Champions League this season 1998/99.

A very strange signing, in the line of late 90

Samuel Okunowo He was a right-back far from the Barça standard with conditions quite far from the minimum required in a club like Barcelona.. In fact, His journey lasted a year and the following season he no longer wore the Barça shirt. Released by Barca, he left for Benfica and since then, his career was completely downhill. His case was very similar to that of Amunike.

In the year 2000 he was loaned out again by Barcelona, but this time not to a great in his country like Benfica but to Badajoz who played in the Second Division at that time. Two years after his debut with the club, the player was playing in the second row.

Despite this, he was international five times with Nigeria and despite playing little, was champion of the League with Barça. His post-Barcelona career went through such loose leagues and countries as unique as Iran, Ukraine, Maldiva's Islands, Albania, Romania and teams English Fourth or Fifth Division.

What became of Samuel Okunowo?

Finally, He returned to his native country in 2012 He retired from football to 34 years and made headlines again, not precisely because of issues related to the world of football but because of a fire in his apartment in Ibadan, his hometown, where they say, He helped evacuate the building saving the life of a neighbor.


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  1. This article only defines, Louis van Gaal, Reizeger players like defender or Bogarde, omitting some others like that profile Puyol, and more technical profile, Xavi, Iniesta, Müller, etc, . another pearl, Short technical, that shows your objective and analytical and evidently neither saw him play, because if something had Oku was technical, precisely what was missing and because of their assignments was what he had plenty to Bogarde, aggressiveness. Also remember that year the club won the league and if you did not become a player was better because of the 18 years (that record for the club for the subsidiary as you say but no cost) until the 22 not joined in midseason games or so is difficult for any player formative stage, to which must be added a serious knee injury. What accounts fire, not they say, so, He saved many lives and lost absolutely everything to save them. Something that already deserves far more respect if this article.

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