Cities with more elite teams

Cities with more elite teams
London, one of the cities with professional football teams. PHOTO: Google.

What are the cities with the most elite teams in the world? Where the beautiful game live so intensely that a team or two is not enough to fill the hungry ball a site. It takes many. Here some illustrative examples.

The cities with the most elite teams in the world

And what better to start London, possibly the capital of football. In the city of Tamesis live no less than Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Fulham, Queen´s Park Rangers, West Ham, Watford, Milwall, Charlton y Crystal Palace.

Despite having a team that has been champion of the Champions League several times (El Chelsea), London mourning par excellence is facing in the north of the city to Arsenal and Tottenham.

Buenos Aires,football on all four sides

If London, It can be considered the capital of football, Buenos Aires is not far behind. In Argentina's capital, football is lived with such passion that only the federal capital can find Argentino Juniors, Boca Juniors, Hurricane, Lanus, San Lorenzo, Velez o River Plate. Computers to which is added if you add up the whole of the Buenos Aires province on Arsenal de Sarandi, Banfield, Estudiantes, Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata, Olimpo de Bahía Blanca, Independent, Racing Club and Tigre.

Meanwhile team, two are those who collect most fans: Boca and River. It is often said that half of Buenos Aires is River, and the other half plus one (Maradona) Boca. Known as the “Super classic“, It is possibly the World's most exciting derby by differences between the two sets.

The best derby in the world: River-Boca.
One of the biggest derbies in the world: River-Boca and vice versa. PHOTO: Clarion

Montevideo and Rio, Two other South American football giants

Very close to Buenos Aires, across the river of La Plata, is Montevideo, another mecca of football. A city with just one and a half million inhabitants It has the honor of having 15 of the 16 Uruguayan league teams on its territory. Among the most notable excel Penarol and Nacional.

Without moving from South America, you have to go to Brazil and to Rio de Janeiro to realize that in the city of favelas live up to four teams as renormbre Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco de Gama. Computers to which should be added in a second step the American Football Club and Sao Cristóbâo. The existence of so many teams in the state of Rio de Janeiro make between them to contest the famous Carioca championship. the Fla-Flu derby is the quintessential Rio.

Sao Paulo can not be less than Rio and also provides equipment for all tastes. El mythical S. Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Ponte Presta or Portuguese are among the teams most populous city in South America. As is the case with Rio, sets the state of Sao Paulo dispute a tournament including Paulista League called.

Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world.
Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world and one of which has more football teams. PHOTO: Google

Rivalries between city teams is more than remarkable highlighting the São Paulo derby mide y Palm Corinthians (CNN defines it as the ninth most important competition in the world), O the majestic classic facing Corinthians and São Paulo.

European cities with more professional football teams

Back to Europe, we found that Eastern countries is also frequent the multitude of teams. Specially in Moscow Y Bucharest, two of the cities with more soccer teams. In the Russian capital, brings together the Spartak(the village team), the CSKA (Army equipment), the Dinamo (the oldest club in Russia), Lokomotiv, Torpedo(company linked to the automotive state) one he FC Moscow. The most anticipated duel is the CSKASpartak.

In Moscow many elite teams congregate.
In Moscow many elite teams congregate. PHOTO: Google

Meanwhile, in Bucharest, the mythical are located the star, Dinamo, Rapid y el it Sportul. The big derby par excellence is facing Steaua and Dinamo and is known as the derby, as it was formerly the Steaua team led by the Ministry of Defense, Dinamo and was managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The list of important teams in large cities closes Madrid, Prague and Athens. Spain's capital city and surrounding connects to Real Madrid, Athletic, Vallecano Ray, Getafe, Leganés and Alcorcón being the derby between meringues and colchoneros the most important city. In Prague se and ideals Sparta (team workers), Slavia (intellectual equipment), Bohemians, FK Dukla out to p Viktoria Zizka, It is the main reference between Slavia and Sparta meeting.

By last, in Athens coexist AEK, el Olympiakos, el Panathinaikos o el Atromitos. It is the favorite meeting of the Athenians which faces Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. Only in the great Istanbul you can see something similar in the presence of Galatasaray, She Besiktas Fenerbahce.

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