The best African goalkeepers in the history of the Spanish League

The best African goalkeepers in the history of the Spanish League
Wilfred spectacular image of making a stop with Rayo Vallecano. PHOTO: The country

Can you remember some African goalkeepers in the history of the Spanish League? We take a tour through the history of the Spanish championship to remember five goalkeepers born in Africa, and who played in the Spanish League.

The best African goalkeepers in the history of the Spanish League

Tommy N´Kono

The legendary goalkeeper Espanyol is not only one of the best African goalkeepers in the history of the league but the best. Man long pants to which an urban legend, He said that because if he was wearing shorts he was out certain part of his anatomy. The point is, it was one of the first African goalkeepers to succeed in Europe. It was in three World Cameroon. Tommy N´Kono, undoubtedly a mythical.

African goalkeepers in history
Tommy N'Kono and its famous tracksuit pants. PHOTO:AS

Peter Rufai

Prince goalkeeper. The truth is that the passage of Rufai by the League would have been totally discreet not to have discovered that the style “Coming to America“, Peter Rufai was a member of royalty of a kind of province of Nigeria and that he was the heir to the throne. He played in Hercules and Deportivo without much luck.

3-Ezaki Badou

Moroccan goalkeeper Mallorca triumphed in the 80 and early 90. He served five years in Mallorca with which he became runner-up in Copa del Rey 1991.

African goalkeepers in history
Ezaki Badou He left a pleasant memory in Mallorca. PHOTO: Brand

Jacques Songo'o

Almost a clone of N'Kono. Cameroonian goalkeeper as the classic Espanyol, He also liked to wear long pants and that typical 90s mustache. Five seasons with Deportivo Zamora, a League and Super Cup. Certainly a very productive stage.

Carlos Kameni

Cameroonian as Songo'o and N'Knono, It was precisely the pupil of the latter which endorsed arrival at Espanyol. After several seasons in which he proved to be a goalkeeper went to Málaga level where it is one of the best goalkeepers in the league.


The legendary Nigerian goalkeeper of Rayo Vallecano 90, club in which he played 6 years and that after leaving football suffered one disaster after another. It looks like, Wilfred I had to spend almost everything they had gained in trying to cure his seriously ill woman who eventually died. This made him have to work as a dealer and as a waiter at Barajas airport even leaving the television “The boss”. He died of cancer in January 2015.

Yassine Bounou

The Moroccan goal but born in Canada has made a place for himself in the League thanks to his great performances in teams like Girona and Sevilla, where he came to be the substitute for Tomáš Vaclík and ended up becoming the starting goalkeeper of the Sevilla team with which he won a Europa League, being key in the final.

best African goalkeepers in league history
Yassine Bounou, better known as Bono, one of the best African goalkeepers to have played in the League. PHOTO: La Razón / AFP7 VIA EUROPA PRESS

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