Inter players accumulate San Blas… Over 60 match ban!

Inter players accumulate San Blas… Over 60 match ban!
Insólito lo vivido en el partido de la Segunda Regional española (Photo: FFCV)

Amazing what last weekend lived in a match corresponding to the day 25 of the group 12 de la Segunda Regional española. Se enfrentaban el Inter de San Blas de Alicante y el filial del Jove Español de San Vicente.

Shortly before reaching the rest of the party, the home team was expelled from one of his players by the referee contempt, which implies a penalty of 2 matches. The party continued with some normalcy until the minute 88 everything is out of hand.

With 2-5 the score, carousel came the expulsions to the local computer. First I was Vicedo for assaulting an opponent (4 match ban), subsequently used obscene language and gestures of the same nature (4 plus) and finally attack the referee (6 more games). Total 14.

But it does not stop there. Rosillo and Berenguer, also local players, they accumulated 16 Y 14 match ban respectively with individual expulsions also for assaulting the referee, for foul language and mild violence towards referees, as reflected in the record. Aparicio Pérez-Crespo and added 4 match ban each and finally, even the team leader has been banned 6 partidos y tres meses por “incumplir sus obligaciones como delegado de campo o equipo, thereby causing endanger the physical integrity of the participants in the meeting ".

Total, more of 60 match ban for the home team, a genuine outrage.

Javi Argudo

Javi Argudo

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