Two players from Zulia FC sections and suspended for animal abuse

Dos jugadores del Zulia FC apartados y suspendidos por maltrato animal
Capture video in which David Barreto mistreat a cat (Foto: The National)

Last update 3 April, 2018 por Javi Argudo

David Barreto y Eduin I, Zulia FC players of the First Venezuelan Division, They have been dismissed and suspended by his team after publishing a video in which one of them is throwing a cat from a balcony being the other player the author of recording.

The video, that went viral, He was removed from the official account Eduin Quero after receiving multiple messages rejection and criticism. The club issued a statement rejecting soon “so sharp and blunt any action on the physical integrity of any living being”. Regarding the situation of both players the statement read as follows: “we have suspended and set apart these two people of Zulia FC and take strong additional disciplinary action against these two individuals acting under their responsibility and outside any ideal inculcated by our institution”.

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