A bad Marcelino is given second seasons

A bad Marcelino is given second seasons
A bad Marcelino is given second seasons in the same club. PHOTO: Peter Powell/EFE

Seasons Marcelino García Toral second were never as good as the first, in fact since it is the elite coach has only been more than two seasons on the same computer, in Villareal where he was among 2013 Y 2016. when he was stopped in the summer before the season started 16-17.

So far seems to follow the trend in Valencia where the numbers in his second season so far, far from the first.

Mestalla club was eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League 2018-19 and you have to settle for participating in the Europa League where he will enter as a third group, no matter what happens on the last day the Valencia team that played in Mestalla against United Mourinho.

In the league, things are not going as well as they expected at the beginning of season, confirming the trend of the Spaniard who often make a first season at a high level and a second where his teams and much lower level compared to the previous.

As coach of Sporting B, Sporting Gijon, Recreativo de Huelva, Zaragoza and Villarreal earned a top score in his first season with respect to the second. Although in several cases, the first was in second with more games and the second campaign in First. Yet two consecutive seasons in Primera neither got.


Sporting Gijon B

Season 2000-2001 (2ªB): 17 matches, 5 victorias, 7 draws, 5 losses. / 22 points / Average points: 1,29
Season 2001-2002 (2ªB): 38 matches, 11 victorias, 8 draws, 19 losses. / 41 points / Average points: 1.07

Sporting Gijon

Season 2003-2004 (2ª): 42 matches, 20 victorias, 10 draws, 12 losses / 70 points / Average points: 1,66
Season 2004-2005 (2ª): 42 matches, 15 victorias, 12 draws, 15 losses / 57 points / Average points: 1,35

Recreativo de Huelva

Season 2005-2006 (2ª): 42 matches, 22 victorias, 12 draws, 8 losses / 78 points / Average points: 1,85
Season 2006-2007 (1ª): 38 matches, 15 victorias, 9 draws, 14 losses / 54 points / Average points: 1,42


Season 2008-2009 (2ª): 42 matches, 23 victorias, 12 draws, 7 losses / 81 points / Average points: 1.92
Season 2009-2010 (1ª): 14 matches, 3 victorias, 3 draws, 8 losses / 12 points / Average points: 0,85

In his second season as coach of the team hand he was stopped on day 14.


Season 2012-2013 (2ª): 21 matches, 13, 6, 2 / 45 points / Average points: 2,14
Season 2013-2014 (1ª): 38 matches, 17, 8, 13 / 59 points / Average points: 1,55

A trend that continues for now his time as Valencia coach. With all the second round to be played, see if Marcelino He is able to match his score in his first season (complicated given the high bar) or conversely reconfirms this strange rule.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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