Pepe denounced for punching in the jaw

Pepe denounced for punching in the jaw
Pepe attacked Coates and was not even expelled. PHOTO: sportstv capture

Pepe denounced for assault. This is the news that comes from Portugal. The former Real Madrid center-back now in Porto, was denounced for punching Uruguayan Sebastián Coates in the jaw, Sporting Lisbon's central defender in one of the Portuguese football classics played last weekend.

Pepe denounced for assaulting Sebastián Coates

Pepe, is one of the toughest footballers in history. The veteran Portuguese central although of Brazilian origin, He showed his facet as an excessively dirty footballer again in the match that faced two of the greats of Portuguese football, Sporting Lisbon and Porto. The surprising thing is that the VAR analyzed the play and the referee decided not to show him the red card despite seeing the images in which Pepe, punch Coates, Lisbon team central.

Pepe denounced for assault
Even though the images seem clear, Pepe was not even expelled for this action. PHOTO: sportstv capture

Sporting decided not to sit idly by in the face of what they consider a flagrant injustice and denounced the soccer player from 38 years before him Coaches Committee of the Portuguese League. Now, said institution has 3 days to respond to the request and then it will be Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Football Federation who with all the evidence in hand, decide whether or not to sanction a footballer who accumulates a few episodes of this type during his already long and long career.

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