The Spanish arbitration, possibly the worst in the major leagues of Europe

He fills the mouth Javier Tebas when Mr says that from “LaLiga, It is the best in the world”. But what we see at the organizational level on issues of television deals where two teams, They take almost 50 % or more of the money and leave the rest for others 40 teams, Disassembling this theory on the fast track.

And if that was not enough, we have on the subject arbitration, where Laliga refuses to install the VAR, a technology that would have prevented disasters like Messi goal in Mestalla, the aggression of some stars of the league, Sergi Roberto's kick Andreas or 'mugging’ as a modest Levante in the Valencian derby where Medie Jimenez annulled a goal that was 1-2 for granotas by a boost Valencia's player Gabriel Paulista his partner Gayá.

Week after week we see many actions that are almost rude and technology, prevent. further, most of them always end up favoring the big team. In a league that if, It is already uneven throughout, television department, Arbitration media treatment and treatment. They always seem to have to be the same and win the same. And if that was not enough, referees seem untouchable, although wrecking hopes of many teams failed for lack of technical preparation in many cases or simply for being late to play. Only in recent months, We have seen some of these barbarities: 

Iglesias Villanueva and his assistants did not give this goal in Mestalla Messi shot that clearly entered. Photo: Twitter


Iglesias Villanueva gave the same shortly after the famous goal of this penalty Messi Cup Espanyol vs. Tenerife Tenerife player to 4 meters of area. Nothing happened. Photo: The Spanish

This kick Sergi Roberto Pereira Andreas injury that cost him only remained in yellow. Photo: the Spanish

This clear hand Piqué against Getafe in the first round did not end in a penalty. Photo: Twitter

Medie Jimenez Coke quashed this goal for Levante's player push his partner Gabriel Valencia Gayá. Photo: Twitter

The same Medie Jimenez gave a penalty in this action in which steamrolled Zazá Róber who had reached Pier ball. Photo: Brand

These are just a few examples of the many errors or 'horror’ we see day after day because the best league in the world, according Thebes, He refuses to put the VAR, something that would avoid some experienced hot flashes in some games.

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