Stoichkov and Urizar make amends for the pisotón of 1990

Stoichkov and Urizar make amends for the pisotón of 1990
Stoichkov and Urizar that 5 from December to 1990. PHOTO: BRAND

It happened in the Camp Nou an already distant 5 from December to 1990, when the Supercopa of Spain has not yet played in summer. It was a Barcelona-Real Madrid at the time as We told you this article, the thing heated and ended with a stamp of Hristo Stoichkov Urizar Azpitarte the referee that cost him an exemplary punishment.

Always the same, honking all on the same side!”, very hot Bulgarian said after the referee does not lack pitara. “Suddenly, He rose lawn, He approached me and stepped on the instep. I tried not to make a fuss, but it hurt a lot. He could have suspended the game at that moment”, Urizar said. This will cost the player from Barcelona six months of suspension, something that marked that part of his career.

Now almost three decades later, They have been rediscovered in Bulgaria and signed peace. And it's that time, fixes or less, It softens almost everything.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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