Marco Ballota: when football knows no age

Marco Ballota: cuando el fútbol no tiene edad

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Talk of Marco Ballota, It is talk of a specialist in collecting anecdotes. First to be a very long-lived type passion for playing football, following steps himself almost Sir Stanley Matthews was the grandfather of world football. Second because we talk about a goalkeeper with passion for the goals thrashing contrary as ever he came to play forward. And is that Ballota, from 1982, He has played up to 10 equipment, all in Italy, defending the goal of top teams like Inter Milan, Parma or Lazio in two stages, last until well past the 40.

Many will remember that alopécico doorman who kept goal for Lazio in a Champions League tie against Real Madrid in 2007, having already 43 years and 252 days, but for the wrinkled features of his face and head hair free, He seemed to have at least ten years. Well then, Ballota managed to play up 44 when he retired in 2008, in the rows of the first level and Lazio. The truth is that playing his image among young “metrosexuals” He stressed and much.

Cuando Ballota fichó por el Inter ya no era un chaval.
When Ballota joined Inter was no longer a kid.

But Ballota's career is extensive as we all imagine. Started on 1982 in the modest San Lazzaro and during 26 years, defending goals was becoming signed for Inter Milan in the 2000, when he was already a veteran but seeing his later career, still they had many years of football. It is clear, the goalkeeper position gives to play many years. There are cases of Seaman, Kahn, From De Sar, Canizares, Cesar Sanchez, Ricardo or the same Dino Zoff who lifted the World Cup with 40 springs and retreated to the 41. Peter Shilton stretched his career to the 48 and Stanley Matthews decided to say enough with 50 already served. Marco Ballota elite left the 44 but not football.

And the veteran goalkeeper enlisted in the ranks of a small team of equivalent to the Second Regional Spanish but did doorman. As we said at the beginning, It was a thrashing goalkeeper wanting goalposts. Marco eternal Ballota, he joined as front where apparently, continues to play with 9 the back and at the dawn of meet 50 “tacos”. Definitely, a peculiar guy with a lot of passion for football.

La foto no corresponde a un solteros contra casados sino a un partido de Champions.
not a single photograph against married but a Champions League match.

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