Is Carles Puyol among the top ten plants in history?

Is Carles Puyol among the top ten plants in history?

Carles Puyol has announced that it will leave the club after more than a decade defending the azulgrana zamarra. Over the years and the arrival of injuries have kept him on the sidelines in recent times more than they should, to the point that Barcelona and had long since begun to seek a waiver of guarantees. His image remains a shadow of what was still reverberates in Camp Nou accustomed to the captain always 220%. But nevertheless, it would be unfair to stay with that offered in the last two seasons version. Thus, Colgados today for football, the question is as follows launched: Carles Puyol Is one of the top ten plants that football has given throughout its history?

difficult question, maximum when each season is unique and therefore not suggestive comparison. But nevertheless, Few central defenders that can offer better performance than the Shark. 14 seasons in the first Blaugrana, 6 Suspenders, 3 Champions, 5 Supercopa of Spain, 2 Copas del Rey, 2 European Super Cups, European Championship, Olympic silver medal and especially a World Cup with his goal in the semifinals are part of a single file also includes him 100 international parties with Spain.

Puyol has played 100 matches with Spain.
Puyol has played 100 matches with Spain.

A leader who can play right back, left, interior (where he began) and demonstrating claw, passion, courage and attitude in every minute on the pitch and make it hard to beat. Just in case these would be some of the players who could take a place among the top ten:

1- Franz Beckenbauer: the leader of the German world champion 1974 and Euro 72. The man who reinvented a way to play different for a defender and ended up being twice Ballon d'Or. His seriousness and rigor of any central expert, plus a decent ball out the best organizer. Talent, genius and character all in one.

2- Elias Figueroa: three times player of America, countless awards a special player who had the elegance of the chosen and defended the strength necessary to be an insurmountable wall. Outside series over 18 years as head of the Chilean defense.

3- Bobby Moore: the myth of the West Hamn. The man who frightened Pele and one of the great responsibility that England won their only World Cup 1966. He was quick, strong, It was well overlooked, He knew how to play the ball. It was very very good.

4- Daniel Passarella: as good Argentine Passarella combined albiceleste elegance fury necessary in any good center that boasts. He won two World Cups and has in his honor to be the second central more goalscorer with 134 goals in 451 matches.

6- Fernando Hierro: barely met weaknesses beyond an exaggerated violence in their actions at the end of his career. Otherwise, it was safe, sober, excellent in a through long and short, good finisher of corners and a great specialist in free kicks and penalty. It was the emblem of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team for many years.

7- Franco Baresi: tactically perfect, was one of the key pieces of Milan of Sacchi point command a defense that had names like Tasotti or Maldini. He won a World Cup in 1982, although his best legacy was to invent a position: the Libero which won more than a few national and international championships with Milan.

8- Ronald Koeman: the top scorer among defenders. He is hitting a wall faults as anyone and gave a European Cup in Barcelona 1992. A large triumphed where he was and ended with two European Cups.

9- Oscar Ruggeri, Mathias Summer, Fabio Cannavaro, Fabian Ayala, Miroslav Djukic, Lilien Thuram, or even a reconverted Paolo Maldini who also played a central time. Any one of them would fit in this position because all were indispensable ninth in their defenses for many years.

Puyol may be among the 10 best center in history.
Puyol may be among the 10 best center in history.

Doubt focuses: Might we Puyol in tenth place? Under the name it is hard to say right answer. According to his resume, doubts are dissipating.

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