Four players that the season 2016/17 no promises many joys

Cuatro jugadores a los que la temporada 2016/17 no les promete muchas alegrías
Jesse wants to be a star but for now things look backwards. Foto:

Last update 8 April, 2017 por Alberto Llopis

With the start of each season, all players have put illusions that this will be his big year. Sin embargo, several months of competition and consumed, it seems that for some, este año 2016/17 no promises many joys. There are many cases but we will focus on these four players.

1-Jesé Rodríguez: very young hopes for the player canary was the most promising of Castilla got a few years ago. This earned him a promotion to the first team of Real Madrid where on full blast of his qualities, he suffered a serious injury. This slowed a little progression. With the arrival of Zidane, he played fewer minutes if possible even having to look for an exit. PSG signed him but it seems that Emery has a black future ahead. It is rumored that his life in Paris is not adequate for a professional footballer.

2-Paco Alcacer: his departure from Valencia caused a splash in the city of Turia. It came to be a campaign in which his former fans who idolized him before like the best center forward in history, He ended up repudiating the former darling of Mestalla. He became that of TT on Twitter “kites Alcacer” to hint that he would eat lots of pipes on the bench. The truth is that at the moment and is being. Plays little and when it does, goes unnoticed. Moment is not doing well Barca.

De momento, no le van muy bien las cosas a Alcacer en el Barcelona. Foto:
At the moment, no le van muy bien las cosas a Alcácer en el Barcelona. Foto:

3-Alvaro Negredo: Alcacer mate in Valencia, the truth is going from bad to worse. He became one of the best strikers in the moment but Spanish was to go to the City and it's over. There did not play anything and when he did, He had little success. Pese a ello, Valencia brought him on loan with some absurd clause saying that if it was entered Europe and after a mediocre season and regrettable, He came to pay 30 million euros for him. From bad to worse, his second season was equally horrible and ended in Middlesbrough newly promoted to the Premier. He scored a goal in his first game since then seems to give a. England already baited with him and have come to call “regrettable”. Shame how good it really was.

4-Aleix Vidal: Barcelona scratched his pocket to sign which was the new Dani Alves. Sin embargo, Aleix poor that caught him sanction to Barcelona which caused it could not debut until 6 months after arrival. From there on I told little or nothing to Luis Enrique. This season seems to long unless you make an exit in the winter.

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