Grandes fluffy League: Mickaël Madar

Grandes fluffy League: Mickaël Madar

Mickaël Madar was one of the many foreigners who arrived after the Ley Bosman the late 90, a time where market opening and the new television contract, wreaked havoc on many teams signed great players but also lots of whitebait. Let's just say a lot. That was the cross of Depor late twentieth century to that template that won the League 2000.

At this time they came in between players of dubious performance, including the French underground nineties that was far from being a reference Espanyol. If we over which we coincided with the great Renaldo and that a year later would be replaced by Manteca Martínez Y Loco Abreu, possibly we say everything. And that in that team 1996/97 He had superclasses as Mauro Silva and Rivaldo.

Born in 1968, He came in 1996 this Depor who was preparing to participate in the first and possibly only League of stars. The truth is that seeing the crappy Photoshop noventero they did to your Chrome, the thing did not promise much about the green.

Photoshop image noventero Madar ... almost nothing.
Photoshop image noventero Madar…almost nothing.

Finally serious injury, discipline problems and a confrontation with several heavyweights of the team made its way through the League summarize a season 17 matches, 3 goals and the feeling that French did not measure up for a competition like the league. Something that as we have explained many times, I had to see the Bosman law and the mega rich television contracts that made many representatives and ruined many teams with balances at gold prices.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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