How is Leroy Sané's career?

¿Cómo es la carrera de Leroy Sané?
Leroy Sane has established himself at Bayern. PHOTO: FC Bayern

Last update 19 November, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

The German striker is one of the players who balances a better present with a great future. Next, we tell you all about him.

All about Leroy Sané

When making football bets with him bet365 bonus code It is advisable to take into account what is the current status of the players of the team for which you will bet. That is to say, the influence that many quotas have on the teams is based on the footballers that a squad has, who are the ones who will enter the playing field.

In this case, we talk about one of Bayern Munich. Of german origin, to their 25 years this left-handed player is one of the key pieces of the Bavarian team, who is the undisputed leader of the Bundesliga for several years. Precisely, placing a bet in their favor is always something "safe", even though the fees may be low.

Well then, this player started his career in the 2005, in the quarry of FC Schalke 04. Para el 2008, went to Bayer Leverkusen, though he went back to the shalke 04 in it 2011. Para el 2014, Sané had signed a professional contract for 3 years. Therefore, was for two seasons in this team, where did he stand out.

Your next step would be to go to Manchester City. For the year 2016, signed with this Premier League team for 5 seasons, in a transfer that involved 45 millions of euros. At that moment, it was the most expensive German transfer in history. During your stay, was established as the best young player of the year by the PFA.

Leroy Sané news

Well then, after a great stay at the citizen set, in July of 2020 his transfer to Bayern Munich was made official, where did you sign for 5 seasons. This meant the return to football in his country, in an operation that was quoted approximately in 49 millions of euros, more others 11 million in variables.

Till the date, played more than 40 parties, marking 9 many. That is to say, almost one goal each 4 parties, which is not bad for a footballer who stands out for the extremes. All this leads him to be a talent that still has a lot of potential to be exploited, but he's going through a great time.

Proof of this is his participation in the German National Team. He did not play the World Cup 2014, where the country raised the trophy, but it did debut in the 2014. He was present in the Eurocup team 2016, where he reached the semifinals, although he only played eleven minutes of that game.

He did not play the Confederations 2017, due to an operation. Nor was he present in the final list of those chosen for the World Cup in Russia 2018, although he will surely have his chances for the next, where he appears as one of the main talents of the offensive zone of the always powerful German team.

We hope that this information has helped you to follow in depth the career of this player.

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