In Leeds still dreaming Loco Bielsa

In Leeds still dreaming Loco Bielsa
Leeds march Marcelo Bielsa shot in the Premier. PHOTO: The Independent

Leeds United is one of the great historical England who has spent many years trying to get back to the top of English football. After passing through a serious period in which he played the catacombs falling to the lowest categories Football Islands, It leads many seasons in the Championship seated, english second division, and this year dreams of returning to the Premier, the same who won 1992. Leads with authority and this has a name, Marcelo 'El Loco’ Bielsa.

Under the command of Argentine has won the Leeds 8 and drawn 3, standing at the top of the category and although this competition is very long (46 parties), Loco team is now the favorite category. Among other things, the game model implemented by Bielsa. Con 18 goals in favor and only 5 against, also signs the best numbers in the category.

Outdo three points to his pursuer, el Brentford, and five rivals to close the area for promotion to the Premier League, the main dream of Argentine coach, the club and the thousands of followers inside and outside England who have spent many years suffering and waiting to see their team among the largest.

A Bielsa who has already left samples of his particular personality in Leeds como the lesson of humility and life he left a few weeks ago to talk about a past experience with Hernan Crespo when the Loco, Argentina led to selection. And is that for many reasons, Marcelo Bielsa is a coach and generally a different kind, special, nothing to do with the ordinary.

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