Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel
Kasper Schmeichel seeks to follow the path of his father Peter. PHOTO: Google

The passion for football is lived throughout our planet, each game is a team and individual battle, with warriors who fight on the field and fans who accompany them in the stadium or from home. There are many positions that exist in the beautiful game, and many soldiers who have stood out on the football battlefield, but today the last line of defense in combat brings us together, the goal, and specifically one of the most successful goalkeepers who are still active, descendant of one of the best goalkeepers in history, Kasper Schmeichel is the football event on this occasion.

Anglo-Danish history

Born in Denmark in the 5 de noviembre de 1986, Kasper spent most of his youth in England due to his father's legendary football career, which gave him the ability to speak Danish and English fluently. Starting his career in sports in 2002 by signing a contract with Manchester City that would cover most of his student and professional life. He began his professional debut in January 2006 in a match against Peterborough United, playing on loan for Darlington.

His first team transfer would occur in 2008 when he was transferred to Notts County in a deal believed to have broken the team's previous record. Kasper was the highest paid player on the team, ganando 1 million pounds a year. Transferred back to 2010 al Leeds United, finally Kasper would make one last team change in 2012 al Leicester City, team he has played with until now.

Legendary Caste

Kasper is the son of legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, considered by many one of the best in football history. Rising to an uncommon height of 1.91 meters and weighing close to 100 kg, Peter was truly a mountain in goal. Famous for his unique vocalization style in the face of errors in his defenses, Peter was voted the best goalkeeper in history in a poll conducted by Reuters in 2001.

Included in 2003 in the English Soccer Hall of Fame in recognition of his impact on the English game. With an impressive career of 22 years in which he achieved a total of 24 trophies with different teams, standing out particularly in Manchester City, captaining the national team throughout 30 partidos.

Recognized as the best Danish goalkeeper in history, the effective style, his reflections, leadership from goal, organizational skills in defense, prodigious agility for a player of his size and weight, his classic star jump to stop balls, and his impressive ability to stop penalties, make analysts consider him one of the most complete goalkeepers in history. Finally owns, the particular distinction of having marked 11 goals throughout his career.

Kasper y Peter Schmeichel
Peter Schmeichel, one of the best goalkeepers in history. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Kasper in Numbers

While not as decorated as his father, Kasper maintains an enviable football career, being able to highlight the following points:

  • Player for the Danish Team in the Eurocup 2012.
  • Player for Leicester City in the Champions League 2017.
  • Player for Danish Team at FIFA World Cup 2018.
  • English Cup Champion with Leicester City in 2016.
  • Player of the Year of the Season 2019-2020.
  • Promotion to the first division together with Leicester City in the Season 2013-2014.
  • Past and present

Although he has not received as many awards as his father, Analysts and players agree that Kasper is such a good goalkeeper, or even better than his father was. Personal favorite in the analysis of Dr-Betting, Kasper has defended the Danish shield on different occasions, stopping the advance of European titans like England, and saving balls that seemed impossible to stop. Schmeichel is living proof that skills are passed down through each generation, and his father could not be more proud of his son's accomplishments and abilities.

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