“Making love enough is one of my recommendations”

“Hacer el amor bastante es una de mis recomendaciones”
Romario recomiendo a Gabriel Jesús que "haga mucho el amor". Photo: 20minutes

Last update 10 May, 2018 by Alberto Llopis

If you are a professional footballer and also possibly the center of the Brazil forward at the next World, it is worth to listen to the advice that was one of the best attackers in the history of the Brazilian national team and world. A guy who exuded magic and show equal parts. A man who said that if no party left no scored goals. And, hablamos de él, Romario who gave him a curious advice to young Gabriel Jesus: “”Making love enough is one of my recommendations”.

Romário, former World Champion in the USA 94 where he was also one of the stars of the championship, He said the young Gabriel Jesus has to learn that “the next opportunity will always be the last, I mean, goal to do because maybe not this another time”. He also argued that “The World Cup is a different competition from other. One has to be 100 % concentrate and leave all your problems aside”.

Although undoubtedly the best advice was that it referred to as the young player of Manchester City must free your mind and take the pressure and stress of a possible tournament like this. “Making love enough is one of my recommendations, and the most you can take advantage of free days and clear, focus the days to go play and during games” He said in an interview with the daily 'Lance'. Certainly genius and figure to the grave.

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