Messi nominated for Ballon d'Or Brazil 2014, Do you just or not?

Messi nominated for Ballon d'Or Brazil 2014, Do you just or not?

FIFA has given its ten candidates for the World Ballon d'Or 2014. Messi, di Maria, Mascherano, Müller, lame, Kroos, Hummels, Neymar, Robben and James Rodríguez are chosen but only one of them will achieve the prestigious award. But…What is the criteria used by FIFA to nominate and reward the chosen players?, Are they fair in their valuations?. Because, taking advantage of the nomination, In Colgados we want to raise the following, doubt: Has Leo Messi made a tournament worthy of his level and to be able to achieve such deservedness or has FIFA considered other issues such as the name and the media pull of the player?.

What Leo Messi is not the same as before does not escape anyone. The Argentinian, was at a superhuman level during the period of the best Barcelona directed by Pep Guardiola. But nevertheless, after a series of extra-sporting issues and injuries, the Argentine crack seems to have lost the spark and not be the Leo Messi that everyone knew until the second part of the 2013. The last year and a half and the season 2013/14, have been arguably the worst of Messi's career since his debut a long time ago despite his youth.

Such has been the thing, that during the season, many have hinted that the Argentine had been reserving for the World Cup 2014 although the feelings with the Argentine coats, they were not very different. Nevertheless, Messi has scored 4 goals although that seems very little for a player superior to the rest like the Argentine. further, all his goals have been in the first phase against teams whose level, It is far from being one of the highest in the World Cup as Iran, Nigeria o Bosnia. Neither in the round of 16 nor in the quarters nor in the semifinals, even being missing at the most decisive moments. But nevertheless, a spectacular match against Germany and a world champion title, they would leave all this in anecdote and with Messi, anything can happen, genius stuff. And you reader, what do you think?.

Messi has scored 4 goals in Brazil 2014 but it seems little for a player from another planet like him.
Messi has scored 4 goals in Brazil 2014 but it seems little for a player from another planet like him.

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One thought on “Messi nominated for Ballon d'Or Brazil 2014, Do you just or not?

  1. Messi is too; in the end the name weighs, and if you win even more, but beyond this award that maybe I can win, Messi has failed due to the fact that a newcomer, James Rodriguez played and commanded his team better than he;And it goes without saying, but Messi seems to me one of the biggest disappointments in the world; after what he saw in the Barca and with 4 Golden Balls is a caricature of what we all hoped it could be…
    At one point consider Cristiano Ronaldo the biggest disappointment in the world, but after what Messi saw that he arrived at 100% and that Cr7 arrived half injured in the Portuguese I apologize and Messi lowered him from the pedestal; Cr7 is more of a player than Messi although the Argentine is more talented, but with the little claw that shows ,but it confirms to me that everything I won was thanks to the best moment of Barca.
    I think Messi is already mature, I think there is a lot of confusion in this: Messi is the most talented player in the world, but he is not the best player in the world by himself; Messi has plenty of talent but he lacks the others 2 aspects that make a great player like the great ones, he lacks physical and above all spirit, personality, talent has, but the other is missing, Hence, the Barca bassoon has stripped him like an apathetic player; Cr7 now seems clearer to me, in it there is more balance, got talent, not like Messi but he has it, and adds physical and leadership to Madrid and its selection; It hurts that Portugal is so limited and in this World Cup it has been noticed that if Cr7 comes down Portugal is nothing.

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